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2016-17 Results



The Centre Open Pairs for men and women were completed this weekend and 

the Mens section resulted in a further Centre title for Gordon Bond & 

Dean McMurchy of Kensington Club. They defeated Ray Walsh & Trevor Moyle of Waipu Club. Eleven teams qualified. In the semi finals Bond & 

McMurchy defeated Sam Nelson & Darren Mitchell of Whangarei and Walsh & Moyle defeated Dennis Brewster & Ken Fitness of Hikurangi. 


In the women's Open Pairs success was achieved by Manu Timoti & Sarah 

Wright of Hikurangi who defeated Joan Erceg and Margaret Gurney of 

Kensington. There were seven qualifiers and in the semi finals Timoti & 

Wright defeated Ann Halls and Viv Ross, Onerahi and Erceg and Gurney 

defeated Gwen Lawson & Heather Smeath of Kamo. 


Congratulations to the winners and runner up teams. The winners will 

represent Northland at the NZ Finals to be held in Dunedin later in the 


Apparently the bowl on the left is a Gold Star one. (Go Sarah)

Centre mens4s woemen3s

RESULTS OF MENS’ CENTRE OPEN TRIPLES : Eighteen teams took part in this Centre event and at the completion of qualifying on Saturday we had seven teams with the required number of wins to go forward to day two. The team from Mangawhai of David Frame, Paul Freeman and Neville Franks got the bye and  in round one of post section Tim Apaapa, John Jamieson & Bill Harris (Kensington) defeated Darren Mitchell, Charlie Shepherd and Paul Mullane (Whangarei) 14-10; Mike Butler, Trevor Johnston & Kevin Sidwell (Whangarei) defeated Gordon Bond, Dean McMurchy & Ian McMurchy (Kensington) 14-8; David Eades, Kevin Robinson, Wayne Wrack (Maungaturoto) defeated Larry Vallance, Clive Claridge, Lauri Reader(Whangarei) 12-8.

The semi finals saw Eades defeat Butler 18-14; Frame defeat Apaapa 19-7. The final over 18 ends between Eades and Frame started with a scoring of one per end for the first seven ends, Frame took the lead on the 11th end by scoring a two. They then dropped four shots on the 12th end when Frame missed with two runs at the head to try and pick up the jack to score point at the back. This gave the Eades triple a three shot lead that they then never relinquished. There was some outstanding shots by both skips during this match with Eades being particularly accurate to keep his team in the match and several ends. The final score was 14-10 to the Eades combination and another Centre title for Robinson and Wrack and a first Centre title for Eades.


RESULTS OF WOMENS’ CENTRE OPEN FOURS:  While the men competed in the Triples the women were seeking a Centre title in the Open Fours. Fifteen teams took part in the event on Saturday and seven teams won their way through to post section play on Sunday at the Waipu greens.

The Maureen Parker,Pam Brewster, Noline Lewin, Diane Strawbridge  (Kensington) combination had the first round bye, with Pam Arbon, Chris  Crawford,  Pat Reader, & Linda Brockbank (Kensington) defeating Maree Attwood, Lauren Mills, Pat Warth, Caroline Downs (Kensington) 15-7; Diana Catton, Madeline Yovich, Glenda Norris-Palmer, Carol Neeley (Kamo ) defeating Anne Bateman, Manu Timoti, Sarah  Wright, Betty Mitchell (Hikurangi) 19-12; Karen Horscroft, Jude Ganley, Amy Little, Chris Budge (Kensington) defeating Sue Wightman, Carol Henwood, Jan Hollingsworth, Mon Guttenbeil (Mangawhai) 14-11. In the semin finals Parker defeated Arbon 13-10; and Horscroft defeated Catton 15-10.


The final between the Parker and Horscroft combinations ending up being a one side affair with the ‘holes being bigger than the bowl’ on many occasions for Horscroft and some outstanding drawing from the lead and and two for Parker. The final was conceded to the Parker combination after twelve ends with the score at 18-4.

This win gave Pam Brewster and Diane Strawbridge their centre gold stars. 


Once again the conditions were not ideal for bowls with our windy spring continuing to play havoc on the fast greens.    

RESULTS OF INTERCLUB 7’s 2016-17 season:


DIVISION 1:  MEN – Winner: Whangarei No 1 40 pts, 2nd:  Onerahi 30pts; 3rd: Kensington no 1 25 pts.


DIVISION 2: MEN  - Winner: Maungaturoto 45 pts; 2nd Arapohue 42 pts; 3rd Kensington No 2 42pts


DIVISION 1: WOMEN - Winner Kensington No 1 18pts, 2nd Hikurangi 18pts. Won by Kensington on shot differential. 3rd: Mangawhai.


DIVISION 2: WOMEN -  Winner Kamo 33 pts, 2nd Kensington No 2 30 pts, 3rd Mangawhai No 2. 19 pts.


Congratulations to all winners.


You will hear from the Centre with Conditions of play, entry forms etc shortly. Division 1 will play 3/4/5 March at Howick, Auckland.

Division 2 will play  3/4/5  March at Browns Bay, North Shore.

mixed pairs result

Forty four teams entered the Centre Open Mixed Pairs and after a false start by a couple of teams, 17 teams evolved as the qualifiers for post section play.


Round 1: J.Crocker  (Mangawhai)bt T. Apaapa, (Kensington) – 17-4. 15 teams had a bye.

Round 2: D. Brewster (Ngunguru) bt I.Halls (Onerahi) 13-4; L. Stewart (Composite) bt I. Bowick (Composite) 15-14; C.Edmiston (Kensington ) bt S. Smith (Composite) 22-2; D.McMurchy (Kensington) bt G. Lyddiard (Kensington) 20-7; D.Strawbridge bt M.Attwood 15-11; C.Pierce (Mangawhai) bt J. Dunn (Onerahi) 11-10; T.Reader (Whangarei) bt J. Hardie (Waipu);17-7; G. Bond (Composite) bt J. Crocker (Mangawhai) 15-8.

Round 3: Brewster bt Stewart 11-8; McMurchy bt Edmiston 16-15; Strawbridge bt  Pierce; Bond bt Reader 14-8.

Round 4: D.McMurchy bt D. Brewster 15-5; D.Strawbridge bt G. Bond 9-8.

Round 5: D.Strawbridge/B. Harris bt D.McMurchy/M. Parker 15-13.



The winners of this event will represent Northland in the Regional final to be played at the Hikurangi greens on Saturday 6th May, 2017


This event ended up in a very close competition with twelve matches being played by every side and one drawn game being the difference in the results at the end of the day. Ten teams of six players each took part in the event. 


The winners were Jason Webb (Singles); Clive McDermott & Ossie Rokstad 

(Pairs) and Sue Rokstad, Adrienne Graham and Roscoe Seabourne (Triples) of the Arapohue Club, with 28 win points and +85 win shots. 

2nd place went to Kensington No 1 with 27 win points, + 31 shots; 3rd 

Whangarei with 19 win points + 17 shots; 

4th Mangawhai Women No 1 19 points + 13; 5th Mangawhai Women No 2 19 

points + 4. 

Congratulations to all players who competed at this event and played 

extremely well. 

Winners of the Centre 1-5 years 6's Arapohue

Runners up. Kensington 1. 

Click on an image for a larger view.




Twelve players qualified for this event from an original field of 30 players. 

Finals were held at Mangawhai greens. The event was won by singles exponent Wayne Wrack representing the Maungaturoto Club when he defeated Dennis Brewster of Hikurangi in the final by 21 shots to 17.  Results of rounds were as follows:

Round 1: Byes- D. Frame,(Mangawhai) G. Lyddiard,(Kensington) D. Brewster,Hikurangi);  G. Fraser(Whangarei). J. Dunn (Oneerahi) bt R. Roadley (Maungaturoto)  21-2; T.Reader, Whangarei) bt R. Walsh (Waipu) 21-12; W.Wrack(Maungaturoto) bt R. Bowmar (Onerahi) 21-2; D. McMurchy (Kensington) bt D. Eades, (Maungaturoto) 21-12.

Round 2: Frame bt Lyddiard 21-4; Brewster bt Fraser 21-20; Dunn bt Reader 21-19; Wrack bt McMurchy 21-11; 

Round 3: Brewster bt Frame 21-9; Wrack bt Dunn 21-13.

Round 4: Wrack bt Brewster 21-17.




There were sixteen original entries and close games saw only five qualifiers get through to play at Mangawhai on the second day.

Congratulations to the Hikurangi combination of Betty Mitchell, Manu Timoti and Sarah Wright, after losing their first round game in section play went on to win the final by defeating Sharon Rudman, Judy Moyle, Jill Stewart of Waipu in the final by 24-17.  This match was a game of two halves with Rudman going out to a handy lead after 11 ends and then failing to score again. 

Results were:

Round 1: Byes – B. Mitchell (Hikurangi); C. Crawford (Kensington); D. Catton (Kamo). S. Rudman (Waipu) bt P. Warth (Kensington) 15-13.

Round 2: Mitchell bt Crawford  19-10; Rudman bt Catton 22-12.

Round 3: Mitchell bt Rudman 24-17.


As neither of the winners are available to travel to Dunedin for the NZ finals, the runner up in both events have been offered the position.

Mens singles womens 3s



Five men’s teams and four women’s teams qualified in this event.  It was great to see first year bowlers taking part in this event and in some instances qualifying for post section play. Well done to all teams, there were some exciting and competitive games played with many being good enough to be the final of the event.

There were some exciting new players on display and all played outstanding bowls, with tight heads and close results the outcome.



Round 1:  R. Trigg (Kamo), R. Taylor (Kensington), Graeme Egerton (Mangawhai) (Byes). Les Scott (Onerahi) bt Jason Webb (Arapohue) 18-15.

Round 2: Taylor bt Trigg 16-12; Scott bt Egerton 20-12.

Round 3:  Les Scott & David Smith bt Roy Taylor & George Smith – 18-7.

This was a first centre title for Scott and Smith. Congratulations.



Round 1: Eva Chrol (Composite) bt Margaret Swney (Mangawhai) 25-3; Mona Guttenbeil (Mangawhai) bt Heather Smeath (Kamo) 13-11.

Round 2: Eva Chrol (Kensington & Anna Greenwood (Mangawhai) bt Mona Guttenbeil & Tina Harris (Mangawhai) 17-9.

This match was a repeat of last year’s final between the same teams. This win gave Eva and Anna their second junior title and completed their first point to a Centre Gold Star.

Congratulations to all.

Centre Junior Pairs - Winners L Scott, D Smith. Onerahi, Runnerup G Smith, R Taylor. Kensington

Centre Junior Pairs



MEN:  1ST: Keith Stewart, Mangawhai; 12 win points + 51 differential

            2nd:Gordon  Wright, Kensington, 12 win points, + 30 differential

            3rd: George Smith, Kensington,  9 win points, +15 differential


WOMEN:  1ST:  Beverly Roberts, Whangarei, 12 win points, + 28 differential

                     2nd: Karina Cooper, Kamo, 9 win points, + 26 differential

                     3rd: Janice Little, Mangawhai Women’s, 9 win points, + 11 differential.



Congratulations to the winners, and all the players who took part in their first Centre event.


Thank you to Control, Markers, Umpires and Bowls Whangarei for their hard work on the day.

1st year result
1-8 Centre Triples Winners

Judi Moyle, Trevor Moyle and Jenny Hardie of Waipu Bowling Club.

1-8yr 3s
Junior Singles



Wintle and Neeley win Centre Junior Singles

Twenty men and sixteen women took part in the Centre Junior 1-5 Singles, with eight men and five women qualifying for post section play..

Congratulations to Glen Wintle (Mangawhai) and Carol Neeley (Kamo) on winning the eventa  last weekend. Both finals were of a very high standard and a good crowd of supporters were present to see some outstanding bowls played.  Glen defeated Les Scott (Onerahi) 21-18 when he scored two shots on the first long end that they had contested. The game lead went backward and forward between the two contestants with Scott getting off to a good start and then losing the lead on the 15th of 28 ends played. This was a second junior title for Glen Wintle after winning the pairs previously.

In the women’s final the game was just as close with Mona Guttenbeil (Mangawhai) fighting back each time Neeley started to get a small lead. The drive shot was played on two occasions by Carol and on both occasions she was successful reversing a three shot deficit into a one and two shot advantage.  The final score was 21-16 to Neeley. Other qualifiers were Bill Roberts (Whangarei) Keith Stewart (Mangawhai) Ken McLeod (Mangawhai) Ken Proctor (Whangarei) Tim Cordeaux (Kensington) Dave Smith (Onerahi). In the women’s division qualifiers were Donna Anderson, Rawi Brewster (Mangawhai) and Judy MacKenzie (One Tree Pt).




MEN:  Round 1:  G.Wintle bt D. Smith; 21-3; Ken Proctor bt Tim Cordeaux 21-12; Les Scott bt Keith Stewart 19-18; Bill Roberts bt Ken McLeod 21-16

            Round 2: Wintle bt Proctor 21-9; Scott bt Roberts 21-10

            Final:        Wintle bt Scott 21-18


WOMEN: Round 1:  Carol Neeley, Judy MacKenzie, Donna Anderson Byes; Mona Guttenbeil bt Rawi Brewster 21-16

           Round 2: Carol Neeley bt Judy MacKenzie 18-11; Mona Guttenbeil bt Donna Anderson 21-13

           Final:        Neeley bt Guttenbeil 21-16.

Ch Ch Singles Runner/up Dawn Owens One Tree Point & Winner Leanne Stewart, Hikurangi

Mens Ch Ch Junior Singles  r/up Les Scott & Winner Glen Wintle

Winner of mens Ch Ch Singles Dennis Brewster Runner up Wog Wintle

Winner Womens Ch Ch Junior Singles Carol Neerly r/up Mona Guttenbeil

Ch Ch Singles


FINAL -  Dennis Brewster (Hikurangi) bt Colin Wintle (Mangawhai) 21-19



FINAL – Leanne Stewart (Hikurangi) bt  Dawn Owns (One Tree Point) 21-11



FINAL -  Dennis Brewster (Sk), Ken Fitness (L) Hikurangi ;  bt Murray Dalbeth (sk), Bob Ashworth (L) Maungatapere  16-15



FINAL – Sue Wightman (ak) and Tina Harris (L) Mangawhai – bt Mary Brewster (Sk) and Chris Budge (l) – Ngunguru  16-7



FINAL – C Barnett Skip, G Barnett (2), M Germann (L) – Maungaturoto bt Ray Walsh (Sk) Trevor Moyle (2) Grant McLean (L) Waipu



FINAL – Maree Attwood (sk), Karen Horscroft (2) Amy Little (l) – Kensington bt Madeline Yovich (sk), Glenda Norris-Palmer (2) Carol Neeley (L) 19-14.



FINAL – Gordon Bond (sk), Dean McMurchy (3), Mike Howie (2) George Lyddiard (l) – Kensington – bt  Steve Mitchell (sk) Willie Wyatt (3), Peter Mitchell (2) Don Cameron (L) (Hikurangi)  19-4.



FINAL – Diana Catton (sk), Madeline Yovich (3), Lorraine Robinson (2), Carol Neely (Kamo) bt Maree Attwood (sk) Lauren Mills (3) Pat Warth (2) Caroline Downs (l) (Kensington) 12-11.



This concludes the Centre season for 2016-17.  The Centre annual dinner and presentation of awards will be held on Saturday 10th June, meet and greet 6pm. Dinner at 6.30pm followed by presentations. Tickets available from Centre office at $26 per person.


C Barnett Skip G Barnett (2) M Germann (L). Maungaturoto

All Ch Ch Results
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