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The final of the Men's Champion of Champion Triples was played last 
weekend after being postponed due to bad weather. 
The final was beteen Whangarei (defending champions) and the Kensington combination. 
It was a poor start for Whangarei (Dusty Reader, Steve Smith, Garry 
Fraser) when they dropped nine shots on the first four ends. After eight 
ends Kensington (Gordon Bond, Joe Thorburn and Graeme Gallant) had 
increased their lead to 11-2.

Whangarei then scored 6 shots on the next three ends to close within 3 shots. The next five ends were then shared 
between the two teams. The last saw Reader trying to kill the end but 
when he missed with the drive the game was over with a win to Kensington by 15-11. 
This was a 45th Centre title for Bond, 15th for Thorburn and 1st Open title for Gallant.

Results 1-5 Year Junior Singles: 

Twenty two men and fourteen women contested the recently complete Junior 
singles. At the end of section play, seven men and four women qualified 
with the necessary three or four wins. 

Men: Round 1 saw Glen Wintle receive the bye and other results were Dave 
Smith bt Scott Wilson 21-10; Gordon Wright bt Kweith Stewart 21-9; Paul 
Price bt Ed O'Donnell 21-7. 
Round 2: Dave Smith (Onerahi) bt Glen Wintle (Mangawhai) 20-10; Gordon 
Wright (Kensington) bt Paul Price (Whangarei) 21-18. 
Round 3: Gordon Wright bt Dave Smith 21-19. 
This final saw Smith start the game well and after 10 ends lead 11-4 and 
after 16 ends lead 14-9. A three and two on the next 2 ends meant that 
Wright caught up to 14 all. Wright then scored a 3 and two on the next 
two ends resulted in him taking the lead in the match. Three one shot 
ends to Smith meant the score was 20-19 to Wright and then on the 27th 
end Wright drew the shot to win the match 21-19. This was a great game 
to watch with some amazing draw shots played by both players. 

Women: Round one of this event was Christine Lineham (Mangawhai) bt Sue 
Rokstad (Dargaville) 21-15 and Janice Little (Mangawhai) bt Karina 
Cooper (Kamo) by the same score 21-15. 
The final saw Mangawhai versus Mangawhai and although Lineham scored 
early, Little scored on the next nine ends to go out to a handy lease 
and after 16 ends lead 20-5. As they say, that last point is the hardest 
to get and Lineham scored a two and a four to bring the scores closer 
before Little found that last one shot and won the match 21-11. 

Congratulations to all competitors on the high standard of bowls played 
throughout the weekend. 



There was an exciting finish to the first Open Centre event held last weekend when the Centre Mixed Pairs were won by Gordon Bond and Christine Budge of Kensington when they defeated Patricia Murray and Les Scott of Onerahi on an extra end. There were sixteen qualifiers from a field of fifty two entries and there were some outstanding bowls played for the first major event of the season. In the semi finals Budge/Bond defeated Manu Timoti and Ken Fitness on an extra end, the extra end being replayed twice before there was a result. In the second semi final Scott/Murray got the better of Alistair Trimmer and Madeline Yovich 13-7. The final was a very close affair right the way through the fifteen ends played. A three to Bond on the second end and three to Murray on the fourth end and two on the fifth were the highest points scored with all the other ends being a one point affair. On the extra end Murray and Scott were holding one shot sitting on the jack. Budge with her second to last bowl played up into the head, moved the shot bowl out and sat close for the one point for the win. It was great to see 1-5 year bowlers qualifying in this event and playing outstanding bowls.


Post section results were: Round 1: Budge/Bond (Kensington) bt Brewster/Bateman (Whangarei) 14-9; Strawbridge/Harris (Kensington) bt Dunn/Swanson (Onerahi) 16-15; Timoti/Fitness (Composite) bt Warth/Lornie (Kensington) 12-11; Wightman/Wightman (Mangawhai) bt Price/Jones (Whangarei) 15-12; Maihi/Rudman (Waipu) bt Klomp/Shotter (Composite) 15-9; Scott/Murray (Onerahi) bt Hopper/Spratt (Ngunguru)14-13; Hooson/Harrington (Kensington) bt Bint/Hardy (Ngunguru) 11-9; Trimmer/Yovich (Kamo) bt Scott/Scott (Maungaturoto) 17-8.


Round 2: Bond/Budge bt Strawbridge/Harris 14-5; Timoti/Fitness bt Wightmans 12-9; Scott/Murray bt Maihi/Rudman 10-7; Trimmer/Yovich bt Hooson/Harrington 12-5. Semi final: Budge/Bond bt Timoti/Fitness 9-8 (extra end); Scott/Murray bt Trimmer/Yovich 13-7. Final: Bond/Budge bt Murray/Scott 10-9 (extra end). 

2018 Centre 4s


16 Teams started in this event, and the section play was cut throat with 
only four teams qualifying for post section play. 
The qualifiers were: Sam Nelson (Hikurangi) John Dunn (Onerahi) Peter 
Strong (Kamo) and Allistair Trimmer (Kamo). 
The two Kamo teams drew each other in the semi finals and the final 
score was 16-6 to Trimmer. In the other match Nelson played Dunn, and 
this was a sound win to Dunn and his teams by 20-7. 
The final started with Dunn scoring a five on the second end to go into 
an early lead. Ends 5 & 6 saw both teams score a three. Trimmer then 
scored a four on the 7th to be all square. Dunn scored 2 shots on the 
8th with Trimmer then scoring 5 shots on the next three ends to go into 
a three shot lead. Dunn clawed a two back on the next to be one behind. 
The 13th & 14th ends saw Trimmer (Kamo) score one shot to go into the 
final end three shots ahead. Things fell apart for Trimmer on the final 
end when he changed over three shots down and a possible extra end in 
sight. Trimmer then attempted to draw and got jack level bu slightly 
wide. With his last bowl he attempoted to draw again but fell a meter 
short. In the meantime Dunn played his first bowl slightly wide on the 
forehand and fell in jack level to be in the count. The measure came out 
and the score was a four to Dunn (Onerahi) and the game was won by them 
Well done to John Dunn, Ian Bowick, Ron Bowmar and Roger Kerr-Davis 
(Onerahi Club) winnners of the event over Allistair Trimmer, Peter 
Nicholson, John Ridling and Brian Trimmer (Kamo Club). 


Like the Men, 16 teams also started in this event, the section play was 
again cut throat and only four teams qualified for post section play. 
The qualifiers were Totty Rakich (Dargaville), Pam Brewster 
(Kensington), Maree Attwood (Kensington) and Anne Bateman (Whangarei). 
Rakich drew Brewster in the semi final Brewster winning the contest by 
14-7. Attwood drew Bateman with Bateman winning the contest by 19-9. 
The final started with Bateman getting out to an early lead scoring on 
the first four ends to be 9-0 up. Brewster then scored one shot on the 
next to ends, Bateman a two on the 7th to go into a 11-2 lead. They then 
had a disastrous eighth end where they dropped a six to let Brewster 
back into the match. 
They then scored seven shots on the next three ends to get back in 
control. The last four ends saw the Kensington team make a come back and 
although they held three shots to force an extra end on the last, 
Bateman pushed the jack back and sat just behind the jack for second 
shot. Although Brewster had a bowl to come, she could not see the second 
shot and a run shot at the head missed and the game was all over with 
Whangarei team having a 17-15 win. 
The winning combination was Anne Bateman (title number 28), Pat Reader 
(1st title), Laurel Jones (2nd title) and Mary Brewster (1st title). The 
Kensington team was made up of Pam Brewster, Diane Strawbridge, Amy 
Little, Sheryl Johnston. 

Kensington Runnerup, Pam, Amy, Sheryl, D
centre mens3s womens singles


Eight teams qualified from a field of Seventeen. In round one Trevor 
Reader (Whangarei) bt Gordon Bond (Kensington) 16-4; David Frame 
(Mangawhai) bt Paul Wightman (Mangawhai) 16-11; PJohn Duinn (Onerahi) bt 
Paul Price (Whangarei) 20-3; Kevin Robinson (Maungaturoto) bt Joe 
Thorburn (Kensington) 21-20. 
Round two saw Frame bt Reader 15-13; Robinson bt Dunn 18-8. 
The final between Frame and Robinson was a very tight match with them 
keeping in touch throughout the first fifteen ends. At that point the 
score was 13-12 to Frame. He had kept his team in the match with some 
outstanding draw bowls. The last three ends of the match found Robinson 
getting the upper hand and scoring a one, two and three on these ends to 
win the match 18-13. The winning combination was Kevin Robinson, Brian 
Hagger and Wayne Wrack. The runner up team was David Frame, Nefille 
Franks and Paul Freeman. 

In the Women's singles ten players qualified from a field on twenty six 
players aiming to be the Centre Singles Champion for 2018-19. 
Round one saw Sue Wightman (Mangawhai) bt junior bowler Karina Cooper 
(Kamo) 21-10; Diane Strawbridge (Kensington) bt junior bowler Janice 
Little (Mangawhai) 21-16. Round two saw Joan Erceg (Kensington) bt 
Pauline Mumford (One Tree Pt) 21-14; Leanne Stewart (Hikurangi) bt Dawn 
Owens (Kensington) 17-15; Ann Muir (Kensington) bt Maureen Parker 
(Kensington) 21-17 and Wightman bt Strawbridge 19-13. Round three 
Stewart bt Erceg 19-15 and Wightman bt Muir 21-11 to reach the final. 
The wind at the Onerahi greens got up as the match started and the 
difficult conditions were handled well by both players. Stewart got out 
to an early lead leading 6-1 after six ends. Four of the next six ends 
ends went to Wightman and she hit the front on the ninth end. A run of 
two shots on each of the 15 to 17th ends increased her lead to 19-10 and 
although Stewart scored on the three of the next five ends the result 
went the way of Wightman by 21 shots to 14. This was a 15th Centre title 
for Sue Wightman and gave her her second bar to her gold star.



There were three qualifiers in both the Men's and Women's Centre 1-5 
year Pairs held 17-18 October

It is congratulations to Paul Price (Whangarei) and Paul Shotter 
(Hikurangi) who combined for the win in the Men's section. They defeated 
Glen Wintle & Keith Stewart (Mangawhai) in the final 17-7. This was a 
repeat of the final from last season. The other qualifier was Richard 
Naera & Ed O'Donnell from Kamo who were defeated in the semi by Wintle 

In the Women's section it is congratulations to 'new bowlers' Skye Renes 
and Caitlin Reidstra representing Onerahi who defeated Tina Harris and 
Christine Lineham (Mangawhai) in the final by 19-10. In the semi final 
the winners had a hard fought battle with Sue Rokstad (Dargaville) and 
Beverly Roberts (Whangarei) where a last bowl score helped them win the 
match by 14-13. The winners are first year bowlers this season having 
joined the game just six months ago. 
Congratulations to all.  

centre junior 2s

Paul Price & Paul Shotter

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 5.24.12 AM.png

Skye Renes & Caitlin Reidstra

Skye Renes and Caitlin Riedstra.jpg
Centre mens 1s womens 3s

The come back of the season so far was achieved by Wayne Wrack 
(Maungaturoto) when he played John Dunn (Onerahi) in the final of the 
Centre Open Singles last Sunday
After seventeen ends Dunn was in the lead in their match 19-7 in the 
race to 21 shots, however, it was not to be and Wrack came back scoring 
14 shots in the last eight ends to win the match 21-19. A we trail of 
the jack gave him the chance to score a four on the 24th end to achieve 
his success. This was certainly a match of two halves with Dunn 
outplaying Wrack in the first seventeen ends. Suddenly Wrack found his 
way and Dunn lost his bowl speed and the results were reversed. 
Ten players qualified from a field of thirty two and results over all 
were rather one sided. Scores were as follows; 
Round 1: D.Brewster bt S. Nelson 21-11; Wrack bt T.Reader 21-8. 
Round 2: A.Trimmer bt G. Bond 18-12;J.Dunn bt F. Arnerich 21-16; Wrack 
bt Brewster 21-12.Carruthers bt R.Naera 21-6 
Round 3: Wrack bt Trimmer 20-5;J.Dunn bt J.Carruthers 21-6. 
Round 4: Wrack bt Dunn 21-19. 

The women played their Centre Open Triple on the same weekend and a 
field of seventeen teams took to the greens at Waipu.
At the end of 
qualifying seven teams travelled to Mangawhai for the second day and 
post section play. 
This final was won by Madeline Yovich, Carol Neeley & Karina Cooper of 
the Kamo Club when they defeated Sheryl Johnson, Christine Budge and 
Linda Spratt of Kensington 16-11. This same team is the current 
Champion of Champions 2017-18 season. Yovich got away to a five point 
lead after four ends and never really were headed in the race to 
eighteen ends and a further Centre title. 
Post section results were: 
Round one: Maree Attwoood bt Pam Brewster 16-16; Sharon Rudman bt Manu 
Timoti 19-16; Madeline Yovich bt Sue Wightman 18-7; 
Round 2: Sheryl Johnson bt Sharon Rudman 20-19; Yovich bt Attwood 20-13. 
Round 3: Yovich bt Johnson 16-11. 

Results of Centre Open Pairs events for Men and Women: 

The Centre Pairs for men and women were completed last weekend and there 
were ten qualifiers in the men and eight teams for the women. 

In the Men's division the winners were John Dunn and Ian Bowick of 
Onerahi club who defeated Trevor Reader and Steve Smith of Whangarei 
20-8 in the final. This was a 43rd centre title for Dunn and 7th title 
for Bowick who were also in the winning Fours team earlier in the 
Results were: Round 1: Reader bt S.Mitchell (Hikurangi) 13-8; I.Halls 
(Onerahi) bt C.Van Haaften (Kensington) 19-8; Round 2: Dunn bt F. 
Arnerich (Hikurangi) 22-9; G.Bond (Kensington) bt P.Price 22-4; K.Bint 
(Hikurangi) bt P.Wightman 16-8; Reader bt Halls 19-2. 
Round 3: Dunn bt Bond 15-13; Reader bt Bint 16-3. Final Dunn bt Reader 

In the Women's section Ann Muir & Gwenda Smith (Kensington) defeated 
Leanne Stewart & Diane Lawrence (Hikurangi) 18-3 in the final. This was 
a 30th Centre title for Muir and she receives her fifth bar. For Smith 
it was her 1st Centre title. 
Results were: Round 1: Muir bt S.Rudman (Waipu) 21-19; M.Parker 
(Kensington) bt M.Timoti (Hikurangi) 17-9; C.Griffiths (Mangawhai) bt 
S.Wightman (Mangawhai) 18-16; Stewart bt E.Hamber (Mangawhai) 20-5. 
Round 2: Muir bt Parker 16-10; Stewart bt Griffiths 24-17; Final Muir bt 
Stewart 18-3. 
Although scores were clear cut in both finals, this did not reflect the 
quality of the bowls played throughout the tournament by all teams 


Junior bowlers were the focus of last weekend when the 1-5 year 
Interclub sixes were completed to find a winner to represent Northland in the Regional final in May. 
There was top competition with the event being held on a round robin system. Going into the last round two Clubs were even on points and it was down to the results of the last round to find the winner. After losing all matches in round one and winning only one match in the last, the winning combination for 2019 was Kensington on a cont back of shots scored from Onerahi. Congratulaions to all players for the outstanding bowls played and the manner in which all bowls were played. 
Results were: 
1st: Kensington Parahaki Devils, 30 win points, +71 shots differential; 
2nd: Onerahi, 30 win points, + 38 shots; 3rd: Kamo 24 win points, -15 shots;

4th: Whangarei 21 win points, -9; Mangawhai Yellow: 15 win 
points; Mangawhai Red 15 win pts.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 7.55.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 6.00.37 AM.png
Open pairs men-women
1-5 year interclub
1st years 18-19
champ 4s 1s

Champion of Champion events:


Last weekend saw the Centre play the first two events in the Champion of Champions, namely, the Centre Fours and Singles. The winners of both these events can represent the Northland Centre in the NZ Champion of Champion events to be played in July at various Centres around NZ.


Saturday saw the Men and Women playing in the Champion of Champion fours and the winner of the Men's Division were Whangarei Club represented by Trevor Reader, Paul Price, Steve Smith & Paul Shotter. In the final they played the Kensington combination of Joe Thorburn, Graham Gallant,Ian McMurchy & Clyde Edmiston and won the match 16-9. After seven ends the match was tied at 7 all,however, 6 shots scored in the next three ends saw the Kensington combination concede the match on the thirteenth of fiteen ends. This win gave Reader his 15th Centre title and Smith his tenth title and so both won a further gold bar to their gold star.


In the Women's final played at the Kamo greens, victory went to the local Kamo combination of Gwen Lawson, Dorothy Hardy, Heather Smeath, Karina Cooper who defeated the Waipu team of Sharon Rudman, Jill Stewart, Jo Walker and Dawn Owens,18-15. This match was a game of two halves with Waipu leading 12-4 after eight ends. Kamo then scored fourteen shots on the next seven ends to get themselves in front and win the match. This was a fifteenth title for Lawson, third for Cooper and first for Hardy & Smeath.


Sunday saw the events change to Singles and at the Dargaville greens Wayne Wrack(Maungaturoto) played Frank Arnerich (Hikurangi) in the final. This was a great spectator match with bowl for bowl and in the race to twenty one shots the score was twenty all and the result hinged on the first player to reach twentyone.Wrack killed the end twice before he finally prevailed winning the match 21-20. The semi final was also a close affair for Wrack when he defeated Paul Wightman of Mangawhai by the score of 19-18 when they ran out of time on the clock. This result gave Wrack his twenty ninth Northland title.


Meanwhile at Ruawai greens the semi finals saw Patricia Murray (Kensington) defeat the defending champion Sue Wightman (Mangawhai) 21-15 and Christine Budge (Ngunguru) defeated Betty Mitchell(Hikurangi) 21-16. The final saw Murray with a handy 16-6 lead after sixteen ends and although Budge tried hard she could not peg back this lead. Murray played outstanding bowls in both of these matches with run shots and draw shots coming off for her when she was down on the head and played both matches with obvious confidence. This was a tenth title for Murray and gave her her first bar to her Centre gold star.

Champ Champ Fours. Mouse over for description

Centre 3s centre 2s

Last weekend saw the conclusion of Centre Champion of Champion events, 
with the exception of the Centre Triples which were unfortunately 
suspended due to torrential rain. 


The Pairs were played on Saturday at Onerahi greens and eleven clubs 
(women) and thirteen clubs (men) were represented. 


Women's results: 
Round 1: One Tree Point bt Ruawai 20-4; Kensington bt Kamo 25-23; 
Hikurangi bt Dargaville 23-8. 
Round 2: Mangawhai bt Maungaturoto 21-13;Onerahi bt Arapohue 18-10; 
Waipu bt One Tree Pt 24-11; Hikurangi bt Kensington 19-8. 
Round 3: Mangawhai bt Onerahi 19-4; Hkurangi bt Waipu 23=5. 
Final Hikurangi (Manu Timoti, Betty Mitchell) bt Mangawhai (Sue 
Wightman, Rawi Brewster) on an extra end 18-17. 
This was twenty titles for Timoti and nineteen for Mitchell. 


Mens results: 
Round 1: Arapohue bt Onerahi 14-13; Kensington bt Dargaville 23-8; Leigh 
bt Waipu 17-14; Kamo bt Maungatapere 23-12; Hikurangi bt One Tree pt 
Round 2: Whangarei bt Mangawhai 20-17; Maungaturoto bt Arapohue 19-10; 
Leigh bt Kensington 16-13; Hikurangi bt Kamo 16-11. 
Round 3: Whangarei bt Maungaturoto 23-11; Hikurangi bt Leigh 21-10. 
Final: Whangarei bt 17-5. 
This was a gold star for Daniel and first Northland title for David. 

In the Champ of Champ triples nine clubs entered for the women and 
thirteen clubs entered for the men's event. Only three rounds were 
completed before the rain came down and both the Women's and Men's 
finals were rescheduled. 
The semi finals were played in rain and had the green swept so that plat 
could continue. In close encounters Kensington beat Hikurangi on an 
extra end and Waipu beat Kamo by four shots. 
In the men Whangarei beat Arapohue 16-11 and Kensington beat One Tree 
Point by 12-10. 
The Women's final between Kensington and Waipu will be played Sunday 5th 
May at Mangawhai commencing at 10am


The Men's final will be played at the Kamo greens on Saturday 11th May 
commencing at 9am and will be between Whangarei and Kensington Clubs. 

Regional 1-5 interculb
19 Winter sevens
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