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Bowls Northland Bowls3Five Tournament​
Commenced November 2022

Congratulations to the winners of this season's Bowls Northland Bowls3Five tournament.  They get an "all expenses paid" trip to Wellington in May 2023, covering travel and accommodation.

Winners:  Diane Strawbridge, Dave Hopper, John Hooson (Kensington)

Runners up:  Manu Timoti, Don Cameron, Steve Mitchell (Hikurangi)

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Centre Open Championship Pairs
15-16 October, 2022

The Centre Championship Open Pairs were completed in fine but cool conditions. 32 men's teams and 21 women's teams took part in qualifying. The competition was tough and only five women's teams and thirteen men's got through to post section play.

In the men it was the 'younger brigade' that reached the final and the experience of Garry Fraser and Paul Price representing the Kamo Club came through when they defeated Carl Van Haaften and Jeffrey Cole (second year bowler)  representing Hikurangi Club 23-10 in the final.  Fraser and Price got out to a a great start and the Hikurangi combo were on the back foot when they were 4-17 down after 13 ends and never really recovered.


Price was lucky to survive the semi final when they beat the experienced Lyddiard by one shot, whereas Van Haaften had a comfortable win over the father and son David and Daniel Hood. This was a sixth title for Fraser and fifth and gold star for Price.


Results were:

Round 1: P.Wightman (Mangawhai); J.Dunn (Onerahi); Price (Kamo); Byes; G.Lyddiard (Kensington) bt B.Barnetta (Mangawhai) 19-12; D.Hood (Whangarei) bt A.Westlake (Onerahi) 21-10; K.Robinson (Maungaturoto) bt A.Trimmer (Kamo) 14-12; D.McMurchy (Onerahi) bt D.Cameron (Hikurangi) 16-15; C.VanHaaften (Hikurangi) bt T.Moyle (Kamo) 17-9.

Round 2: Dunn bt Wightman 18-8; Price bt Lyddiard 15-14; Hood bt Robinson 23-18; Van Haaften bt McMurchy 15-9.

Round 3: Price bt Dunn 15-4; Van Haaften bt Hood 11-10.

Round 4: Final - Price bt VanHaaften 23-10.

Women's results:

Two Kensington teams reached the final and it was the combination of Dawn Owens and Margaret Gurney were successful in  a very close match.


After nine ends Attwood and 2nd year bowler Eileen Conaghan were up 10-4 . Then they had a bad patch (or the opposition had a good patch) and they did not score on the next five ends. The last five ends were bowl for bowl and the final score was two shots the difference. This win gave Dawn Owens her third title and Margaret Gurney her seventh centre title.


Full results were:

Round 1: Owens/Gurney bt Strawbridge/Rokstad 19-9;

Round 2: Attwood/Conaghan bt Muir/Smith 16-15; Owens/Gurney bt Halls/McKinnon (Onerahi) 13-8.

Round 3: (Final)  D.Owens/M.Gurney bt M.Attwood/E.Conaghan 16-14.

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Centre Mixed Pairs
17-18 September, 2022

Forty four teams originally entered and unfortunately due to sickness two teams withdrew at the last minute.

Fourteen teams qualified for Post Section play and after some very close games the composite team of Diane Strawbridge (Kensington) and Dusty Reader (Kamo) won the event from Ralph Ballinger and Lyn Simon of Kamo with a comfortable victory.

This was a 20th title for Dusty and 7th for Diane. Well done.

Many thanks to the Kamo, Kensington and Onerahi clubs for use of their facilities and those convenors and umpires on duty for the weekend.

Results were:

Round 1 post section:

Ballinger/Simon & Little/Jones Byes

Stewart/Cole bt Williams/Hurring 14-11

Van Haaften /Lauder bt Apapapa/Attwood 16-10

Strawbridge/Reader bt Fraser/Yovich 16-9

Claridge/Stirling bt McKinnon x 2 17-11

Smith/Cooper bt Timoti/Cameron 14-11

Muir/Bowick bt McLeod/Harrison 22-3.

Round 2:

Ballinger bt Little 10-7

Stewart bt Van Haaften 9-6

Strawbridge bt Claridge 15-12

Smith bt Muir 13-12


Round 3:

Ballinger bt Van Haaften 14-4

Strawbridge bt Smith 13-12


Strawbridge/Reader bt Ballinger/Simon 19-5

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Centre Pennants
11-12 September, 2022



1st: Maungaturoto - 18 win points, 35 ends, 83 shots scored

2nd: Hikur/Kamo Marlins - 15 win points, 39 ends, 93 shots scored

3rd: Kamo Hapuka - 13 win points, 33 ends, 69 shots scored


1st: Kamo Marlins - 16 win points, 37 ends, 70 shots scored

2nd: Kensington Guys - 16 win points, 32 ends, 57 shots scored

3rd: Waipu 1 - 13 win points, 26 ends, 51 shots scored

​OVERALL WINNERS: Maungaturoto

2nd: Kamo Marlins

3rd: Kensington Guys

4th: Hikurangi



1st: Kensington Hatea Eels - 18 win points, 38 ends, 91 shots scored

2nd: Kensington Parahaki Trackers - 18 win points, 36 ends,

76 shots

3rd: Kamo Kereru - 15 win points, 33 ends, 59 shots


1st: Onerahi - 21 win points, 34 ends, 87 shots scored

2nd: Mangawhai Green - 18 win points, 32 ends, 55 shots

3rd: Kensington Wood Pigeons, 10 win points, 33 ends, 68 shots


2nd: Kensington Hatea Eels

3rd: Kensington Parahaki Trackers

4th: Mangawhai Green

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