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Once the season gets underway 2021-22 Results will be posted here. 👀


The 2021-22 season got off to a fine start last weekend when thirty six 
teams took art in the Centre Open Mixed Pairs competition. Twelve teams 
qualified with the necessary three wins on day one. 
It is congratulations to Dean McMurchy and Nicky Buller of Onerahi who 
took out the event with a comfortable win over Leanne Stewart 
(HIkurangi) and David Hood (Whangarei). The winners did not have it all 
their own way during post section play with a win by one shot over the 
Wightman combination from Mangawhai in round 2 and a two point win over 
Muir and Bowick in round three. Stewart and Hood had a comfortable win 
over Renes and Wrack in round 1, two shot win over The other Hood 
combination in rund 2 and a one point win over Reader and Strawbridge in 
round 3 before succumbing in the final after eight ends to the winners. 
Buller who is in just her second year of bowls played oustanding draw 
bowls and was ably supported by Mcmurchy who gained his 10th centre 
Results were: Dan Hood/Jo Hood bt T & J Moyle 13-5; Stewart/David Hood 
bt Renes/Wrack 17-8; Reader/Strawbridge bt Carruthers/ MacKenzie 16-12; 
Smith &/Cooper bt Rokstad/Thorburn 8-5. 
Round 2: Muir/Bowick bt Price/Owens 15-4; McMurchy/Buller bt P & S 
Wightman 11-10; Stewart/Hood bt Hood/Hood 15-13; Reader/Strawbridge bt 
Smith/Cooper 10-9. 
Round 3: McmUrchy/Buller bt Muir/Bowick 11-9; Stewart/Hood bt 
Reader/Strawbridge 10-9; 
Final: McMurchy/Buller bt Stewart/Hood 17-1. 

Entries are now being accepted for Centre Pairs and Centre Singles. 
Enter on our website or email address in your hand book. Players are 
reminded that bowling attire is required, we are no longer playing 
winter bowls. When entering the singles, please ensure you list your 
marker, otherWise the entry fee is $40 per player. 

DON'T FORGET daylight saving starts on Sunday


Yes, we finally managed to get a Centre fixture off the ground and it is 
congratulations to the Kensington Club who obtained the 'double' when 
their players took out the Men's and Women's divisions of the event. The 
runner -up in both division was Mangawhai Club and well done to them. 

Men's results: Four teams qualified for post section and it is 
congratulations to John hooson & Ken McFarlane (Kensington) who defeated 
John Dawson & John Hall (Mangawhai) 18-13. 
In the semi finals Dawson & Hall defeated Jeff Cole & Jim Scrivener 
(Hikurangi) 17-13; and Hooson & McFarlane defeated Alan Westlake & Grant 
Baker (Onerahi) 17-8. 

Women's reults: Two teams qualified and Skye Renes & Barbara Hopper 
retained their title won last season by defeating Ally Connery & Sybil 
Crooks of Mangawhai 19-10. 


Well done to all and many thanks to One Tree Point & Kamo Clubs who 
hosted this event and to Gerry, Pat, Jenny, Gwen & Christine who were on 
official duties for the weekend.


Left to right: Kensington Winners: John Hooson, Keith McFarlane. Mangawhai. Runners-up: John Hall, John Dawson. 




Last weekend saw us complete the Centre Open Fours and it is congratulations to Maungaturoto Club on winning the Men's event when they defeated Hikurangi in the final 12-11. It was 11 all on the last end and we saw some great bowls played by both teams. The young Hikurangi combination with two second year bowlers up front put their heart and soul into the match and held their own against the far more experienced side from Maungaturoto. It was a tenth title to Kevin Robinson an thirtieth for Wayne Wrack, first for Eric Korori and John Carruthers. The Hikurangi team was made up of Don Cameron (Skip) Ceri John, James Scrivener & Alan Goodhue. In the Women's section it was well done to the Kensington combinations who reached the final - Patricia Murray (title 14), Judy McKenzie, Ellie Van Haaften and Sue Rokstad. Second place went to Ann Muir, Pam Brewster, Chris Budge and Gwenda Smith. The winners played well and were consistently on the head and came out the winners 16-8.


Post section results: Men - D.Cameron (Hikurangi) bt D.Young (Mangawhai) 14-10; K.Robinson (Maungaturoto) bt K.Bint (Hikurangi) 18-8; D.Cameron bt T.Reader (Kamo) 14-9; K.Robinson bt D.Cameron 12-11.


Women: A.Muir (Kensington) bt K.Wintle (Mangawhai) 14-9; P.Murray bt D.Strawbridge (Kensington) 10-9; P.Murray bt A.Muir 16-8.



BOWLS3FIVE RESULTS - WEEK 2: Wednesday saw the second round of Bowls3Five played at Whangarei. The next round will be on the 15th at Hikurangi. The lead in this competition has changed after two weeks and we are looking forward to the close matches continuing. After round three the matches will resume after Christmas until we find an overall winner of the event who will then go forward to Regional competitions. Kamo Keas have hit the front the only team so far to win both weeks.

Bowls3Five: Round 3 will be played tomorrow night (Wednesdy 15th) at Hikurangi. Twelve teams have entered and this is being played in two sections with two top teams from each section qualifying. Kamo Keas are currently the only team with two wins. Thank you to the Clubs who are holding this event. 


Eighteen players took part in this event and it is congratulations to 
first year bowler Jeffrey Cole of Hikurangi Club who defeated Nicky 
Third representing Mangawhai in the final last Sunday by 21 shots to 18. 

What outstanding bowls they all played, but in particular the two 
finalists. The sport is in good hands with these young bowlers coming to 
the fore. It took twenty six ends for them to get a result with 
outstanding draw bowls and occasional successful run shot and drive from 
both players. It was particularly pleasing for Jeff Cole who has joined 
the game as a first year bowler this season and has taken to the game 
like a duck to water. Well done to Nicky who kept in touch with Jeff 
until the last three ends of the match. 
There were six qualifiers and results were as follows: 

Post Section: Round 1: J.Parker (Mangawhai) bt G.Brooks (Leigh); N.Third 
(Mangawhai) bt R.File (Kamo); J.Cole (Hikurangi) & A.Westlake (Onerahi) 
Round 2: Cole bt Westlake 16;Third bt Parker 20-14; 
Round 3: Jeff Cole (Hikurangi) bt Nicky Third (Mangawhai) 18. 



The entries were just small, twelve, and three players qualified and what exciting matches eventuated. Congratulations to second year bowler, Heather Conaghan from the Kamo Club, who came from behind to defeat Barbara Hopper ,Kensington in an exciting final 21-20. In the semi final Hopper had come from behind to beat Denis Barnes of Ngunguru by the same score, 21-20.


In the semi Barnes was one point shy of taking the match when she had a great lead over Hopper by 20-9 half way through the match. Hopper then found her length and line and Barnes faulted and did not score on the next eight ends to lose the match to Hopper 21-20.


The final started off in the same manner with Conaghan struggling and Hopper getting away to a handy lead. Then the tide turned and Conaghan found the rink and Hopper faulted. Conaghan hit the lead on the thirtieth end and was two shots in front. With her last bowl in her hand and holding one shot she missed her line and after a measure a 31st end hand to be played. The next and final end was bowl for bowl and with the winning shot on the head Hopper unfortunately moved the jack and Conaghan drew the shot to win the match. Great bowls were played by all competitors throughout the two days. Thanks to Kamo and Kensington, and to Jenny, Pat for the their hard work as Control, and Umpiring.





Ten teams took part in this event played in two sections over two days. The weather played its part and kept everyone on their toes including Control with back up greens put in place if grass greens went under water. Luckily for us the weather gods found favour and we got the event completed. The winning combination was from Onerahi Club who won the event for the first time since 1997. I must say they pulled out their 'old experienced' guns to do the job and well done to them. In the two days they only lost one match. In the final they played the winner of section two - Whangarei. Onerahi played as a team and came away with a solid 3 - 0 win success. Hikurangi finished in third place on points, one point behind Whangarei.


Hikurangi Women and Onerahi Men will now represent Northland in the New Zealand Interclub finals to be held in Wellington from 6 - 10 April,



Thanks to Whangarei, Kamno and Kensington Clubs and to Gerry, Pat, Jenny, Roger, Barry, our hardworking Control and Umpires for the weekend.


Seventeen Clubs of eighteen entered in the Men’s section but because of Covid complications three players had to withdraw. In the Women’s section only eight Clubs entered the event which was a disappointment. One also had to withdraw at the last mkinute.

By the time round four was completed we had Onerahi Club represented by Dean McMurchy and the Kamo Club represented by Paul Price competing for the coveted title. Price started off with a resounding four on the first end and after six ends lead 8-3  McMurchy then found the length and speed required and completely closed out the match  scoring on the next eleven ends to dominate and win the match comfortably.

In the women’s final it was much of the same with Leanne Stewart  representing Hikurangi and Diane Strawbridge representing Kensington Club. In this match it certainly wasn’t Strawbridges game finding the holes between shots and the jack on numerous occasions. The game was much tighter than the score indicated, with scores equal at 10 a piece after fourteen ends . Both players drew shots on numerous occasions and kept the people watching on their toes. The second half of the match went the way of Stewart and she received her second Centre title of the weekend.


Results were: Rd 1: Whangarei bt Ngungurul  by default; Waipu bt Leigh 21-9; Onerahi bt Maungatauroto 21-8; Maungakaramea bt Mt Manaia 21-15; Kensington bt Ruawai 21-19l Mangawhai bt One Tree Pt 21-12; Hikurangi bt Arapohue by default, Kamo bt Mamaranui 21-13.

Rd 2: Waipu bt Whangarei 20-17; Onerahi bt Maungakaramea 21-10; Mangawhai bt Kensington 17-15; Kamo bt Hikurangi 21-18.

Rd 3: Onerahi bt Waipu (Duncan Rhind) 21-13; Kamo bt Mangawhai Charlie Shepherd) 21-11.

Final:  Onerahi   (Dean McMurchy bt  Kamo (Paul Price) 21-8.


Round 1: Kensington bt Mangawhai 21-17; Waipu bt Ruawai by default; Onerahi bt Kamo 21-11; Hikurangi bt One Tree Pt 21-3.

Rd 2: Kensington bt Waipu  (Kris Warburton) 21-8; Hikurangi bt Onerahi (Linda Swanson) 21-8.

Final: Hikurangi (Leanne Stewart ) bt Kensington (Diane Strawbridge ) 21-14.







Men:  Fifteen Clubs took part in the Champion of Champion Pairs event held last Saturday.

This was a double Champion of Champion weekend with Pairs on Saturday and Singles played on Sunday.

Covid came into play in this event and one Club had to default the event.  This event saw the ‘expected players to do well’ fall by the wayside and the finalists came from One Tree Point and Dargaville Clubs.  The One Tree Point combination of John Carruthers and Graham Trediga came through to win the event from Eric Smitton and Chris Clauson of Dargaville in the final by 25-10.

In the Women’s division nine clubs took part  and the winners were Hikurangi Club represented by Leanne Stewart and Diane Lawrence who defeated Ann Muir and Maree Attwood of Kensington 23-8 in the final. After scoring a five at the beginning of the match when the jack was trailed the local home combination had no answer to  the abilities of the Hikurangi mother and daughter combination who play a lot together and know each others play well.

Results from the Day:


Round 1: Mamaranui (bye); Kamo bt Leigh 13-9; Maungaturoto bt Onerahi 17-11; One Tree Pt won by default Ngunguru; Whangarei bt Kensington 20-12; Hikurangi bt Waipu 17-12; Maungakaramea bt Arapohue 20-12; Dargaville bt Mangawhai 21-17.

Round 2: Kamo bt Mamaranui 24-6; One Tree Pt bt Maungaturoto 20-16; Whangarei bt Hikurangi 15-12; Dargaville bt Maungakaramea 15-8.

Round 3: One Tree Pt bt Kamo 14-9; Dargaville bt Whangarei 17-10

Final: One Tree Point (John Caruthers & Graham Trediga ) bt Dargaville (Eric Smitton & Chris Clauson) 25-10.


Round 1: Hikurangi bt Onerahi 14-12l

Round 2: Kensington bt One Tree Point 29-13; Kamo bt Arapohue 19-12; Waipu bt Mangawhai 21-14; Hikurangi bt  Ngunguru 22-5.

Round 3: Kensington bt Kamo 20-12; Hikurangi bt Waipu 15-11.

Final: Hikurangi (Leanne Stewart & Diane Lawrence) bt Kensingon (Ann Muir &

Maree Attwood) 23-8.



This event was finalised last weekend also and resulted in success in the men's event to the solid combination of Paul Wightman and Neville Franks of the Mangawhai Club. They defeated the consistent John Carruthers and Errol Koroi representing Maungaturoto 18-12 in the final. Wightman got off toa solid start in this matchand after 6 ends led by 12-1. Although Wightman dropped five shots on 12th end, this was not enough to help them reduce the advantage that the Wightman combination had. Post section results were: Round 1: Ridling bt Haslam 15-3; Wightman bt Walker 20-12; Carruthers bt Coe VanHaaften 18-5; Nicholson bt Nelso 18-13; Carl VanHaaften bt Reader 11-10; D.Hood bt K.Judson 15-7. Round 2: Ballinger bt J.Dunn 14-7; Wightman bt Ridling 20-12; Carruthers bt Nicholson 17-8; VanHaaften bt Hood 20-10. Round 3: Wightman bt Ballinger 13-8; Carruthers bt C,VanHaaften 20-10. Final: Wightman & Franks bt Carruthers & Koroi 18.12. This was an 8th title for Wightman and 3rd for Franks.


In the Women's event, sucess went to Maree Attwood & Linda Spratt (kensington) who beat Patricia Murray & Skye Renes (Kensington) 17-13 in the final. In this match Attwood shot out to an 8-1 lead after 5 ends, then dropped eight shots in the next three ends to tie up the match after eleven ends. A five shot score to the Attwood combination gave them the break they required and they went on to win the match 17-13. This was a 15 title for Attwood and second for Spratt. Post section results were: Murray bt Strawbridge.Rokstad 17-7; Attwood & Spratt bt Nuir & Smith 15-14. Final Attwood & Spratt bt Nurray & ERenes 17-13.


This event concluded the Centre fixtures for 2021-22 with only the Centre Pennants not played because of Covid 19 earlier in the season.


Prize giving will be held at the Kensington Club on Sunday 28 August,


Centre open 4s result
Bowls 3-5 update


Results of Centre Triples: Men: 1st: Sam Nelson, Steve Mitchell, Peter Mitchell (Hikurangi); Runner up: Trevor Reader, Steve Smith, Garry Fraser (Kamo).


There were Five qualifiers from a field of eighteen 
Ian Bowick (Onerahi) beat Kevin Robinson (Maungaturoto) 16-14; Trevor Reader (Kamo) bt John Dunn (Onerahi) 13-11; Sam Nelson (Hikurangi) bt Ian Bowick (Onerahi); 
Final: S.Nelson bt T. Reader 19-11. 

Results of Centre Triples - Women: 1st: Leanne Stewart, Diane Lawrence, Johanna Hood (Hikurangi);

Runner up: Wendy Sarjeant, Sue Wightman, Christine Lineham (Mangawhai). 


There were Four qualifiers from a field of twelve teams: Wendy Sarjeant (Mangawhai) bt Lauren Mills (Kensington) 14-11; Leanne Stewart (Hikurangi) bt Kris Wintle 19-7. L.Stewart bt W.Sarjeant 20-12. 



Gwen Lawson 
Northland Operations. 


it was double joy for the Hikurangi Club when their Women's Sevens team 
took out the championship last weekend. 

The Hikurangi combination lost only one match and with one round to 
play, came away with an unbeatable lead and became the outright winners 
on the weekend. 

This meant that they defended the title that they won last season. With 
33 win points they were the clear winners, with Kensington Club in 
second place with 20 win points, Kamo third with 18 win points, followed 
by Mangawhai, Onerahi & Waipu Clubs. 
Hikurangi will now represent the Centre in the NZ Inter Club finals to 
be played 7-10 April in Wellington. 

The team was made up of Leanne Stewart (Singles); Diane Lawrence & Manu 
Timoti (Pair); Jo Hood, Betty Mitchell, Savanna Lauder, & S.Stirling. 

Well done to the players and many thanks to Onerahi, Whangarei and 
Kensington Clubs for their hospitality and to Roger, Pat, Chris, Barry, 
Errol and Gerry who were the officials for the weekend. 

The Men's Inter club and the Women's Junior Singles will be played 12-13 
February, with entries now being accepted. 

Last weekend it was the turn of Centre First Year Bowlers to take part in an open tournament. Sixteen players took part and we thank the clubs that did their homework, supported their players and allowed them to have their first taste of competitive bowls.


In the Men's division there were two players that ended the day on four wins and so the result went back to net shot scored and it was success for Jeffrey Cole of the Hikurangi Club over Ray Lawson of Ngunguru with Steve Wallace of Leigh in third place.

This was double success for Cole who earlier in the month took out the 1-5 year Junior Singles as well. All players showed great promise and there were some close matches and some very good bowls played by all

players. I hope their first taste of the competitive games holds them in good stead for their future in the game.

Results: J.Cole 4 wins, + 47 net shots; 2nd: R.Lawson 4 wins, +21 net shots; 3rd: S.Wallace 3 wins, +21 shots.


In the Women's division the reult was not so clear cut with no four winners on the day. There were however, two three winners and success went to lyn Simon of Kamo. In second place was Lyn Brittain of Onerahi and third place went to two winner J.Johnson of Mangawhai. There were four two winners on the day and with close scores there was very good

competition for the third placing.

Once again there were great bowls played by everyone and hopefully their first taste of competitive bowls will also give them the incentive to become competitive bowlers as well as enjoy the game.

Results: 1st L.Simon, 3 wins, +27 net shots; 2nd: L.Brittain 3 wins, +10 net shots; 3rd: J.Johnson 2 wins, +8 shots.



Results of Champ of champ triples:  1st Men – Trevor Reader, Steve Smith, Garry Fraser (Kamo), 2ND

S.Summers, D. Rhind, C.Gibbs (Waipu), Final result 19-6.

Women:  1st - Linda Swanson, Ann Halls, Jenny Kitchen (Onerahi), 2nd – Betty Mitchell, Manu Timoti, Hariata Brown (Hikurangi) Final result 16-11.

Results of Champ of Champ Fours: 1st Men: Tom Webb, Jason Webb, Langitoto Tuutafaiva, Patrick Lewis (Arapohue), 2nd – Ralph Ballinger, Les Scott, Ron Bowmar, Ed O’Donnell (Onerahi). Final score 12-11 on an extra end (played in the dark).

Women:  Patricia Murray, Skye Renes, Sue Rokstad, Ann Herbert, 2nd  Linda Wyness, Janene Thurgood, Susan Egerton, Pauls DuPlooy. Final score 12-10.

Triples Full Results:   (Men)

Rd 1 – Waipu – bye; Mangawhai bt Arapohue 22-11, Hikurangi bt Leigh 17-9, Maungatapere bt Ngunguru bt20-10, Kamo bt Whangarei by default; Onerahi bt Mamaranui 15-12; One Tree Pt bt Kensington 26-11; Maungaturoto bt Dargaville 15-13.

Rd 2 – Waipu bt Mangawhai 18-17, Hikurangi bt Maungatapere 26-19, Kamo bt Onerahi 21-11, One Tree Pt bt Maungaturoto 18-13.

Rd 3: - Waipu bt Hikurangi 18-14; Kamo bt One Tree Pt 21-11/

Rd 4 – Kamo bt Waipu 19-6

Women – Rd 1 = Hikurangi bt One Tree Pt 16-13

Rd 2 – Onerahi bt Ngunguru 24-8; Kensington bt Arapohue 29-2; Kamo bt Mangawhai 20-15, Hikurangi bt Waipu 24-5.

Rd 3 – Onerahi bt Kensington 16-14; Hikurangi bt Kamo 21-12

Rd 4 – Onerahi bt Hikurangi 16-11.

Fours Full Results:  (Men)

Rd 1 – Maungaturoto bt Whangarei 13-7; Kamo bt Hikurangi 13-11; Arapohue bt Waipu 12-11; Maungatapere bt Mangawhai 11-9; Mamaranui bt Leigh 14-10; Onerahi bt Kensington 12-7; One Tree Pt bt Dargaville 14-9.

Rd 2 – Maungaturoto bt Ngunguru 21-14; Arapohue bt Kamo 13-11; Nanaranui bt Maungatapere 21-8l Onerahi bt One Tree Pt 16-6.

Rd 3 – Arapohue bt Maungatroto 15-14; Onerahi bt Mamaranui 16-12

Rd 4 – Arapohue bt Onerahi 12-11.

Fours  Full Results (Women)

Rd 1 – Kensington bt One Tree Pt 15-14; Hikurangi bt Onerahi 15-8; Kamo bt Mangawhai 16-3; Waipu bt Arapohue 17-9

Rd 2 – Kensington bt Hikurangi 18-14; Kamo bt Waipu 12-9

Rd 3 – Kensington bt Kamo 12-10.

The Centre Open Champion Singles finally got off the ground after having been cancelled earlier in the season when Covid intervened.


Six players qualified in the Women's section with Leanne Stewart (Hikurangi) and Karina Cooper (Kamn the the second round. Ann Muir (Kensington) beat Patricia Murray(Kensington) 21-15; Ann Halls(Onerahi) beat Wendy Sarjeant (Mangawhai) 21-15. Round 2: Cooper beat Stewart 19-18; Halls Beat Muir 21-13. Final: Cooper got off to a good start and was 10-4 up after nine ends. Halls then scored 12 shots on the next five ends to lead 16-10. The enxt eight ends were shared with Cooper getting as close as 20-18 before Halls got the winning shot to complete the match 21-18. This was a fourth Centre title for Ann Halls.


In the Men's division fifteen players qualified with Garry Fraser (Kamo)n receiving a round one bye. Round 1 results were: Trevor Reader (Kamo) bt Carl Van Haaften (Kensington) 16-11; Paul Wightman (Mangawhai bt Paul Price (Kamo) 21-2; Erroi (Maungaturoto) bt Neil King (Arapohue) 17-9; Steve Smith (Kamo) bt David Hood (Whangarei) 18-14; Ralph Ballinger (Kamo) bt Shane Judson (Mangawhai) 18-11; Ken Walker (Maungakaramea) bt Trevor Moyle (Kamo) 21-15l John Carruthers (One Tree Pt) bt Grant Bush (Kensington) 15-14. Round 2: Reader bt Fraser 17-12' Wightman bt Koroi 18-11; Smith bt Vallinger 21-20; Carruthers bt Walker 20-12. Round 3: Reader bt Wightman 20-11; Carruthers bt Smith 21-7. Final: Reader bt Carruthers 16-15. The final was a very close affair with the lead changing on almost each second round. After twelve ends the score was 10 all, after fourteen ends 11 all. Carruthers then made a small break and led by two shots going into the last end as time was up on the clock. Unfortunately Carruthers and fortunately for Reader he scored three shots on the last end to win the match by one shot. This was a 19th Centre title for Reader.


Well done to all players for hard fought matches. Thanks to Kensington, Onerahi and Kamo Clubs for their hospitality and to Ooerations personnel and umpires on duty.

It is congratulations to the Kensington Women's Fours team of Fisha Murray, Skye Renes, Sue Rokstad and Ann Herbert who completed the 2021-22 season of competition by winning a bronze medal in the NZ Champion of Champion event. The team performed oustandingly well and consistency paid off for them in placing in this event. The winners of the womens event was the strong combination from Takapuna Club representing North Harbour. In the men's division Northland was represented by the Arapohue Club and although they did not qualify for post section play, played well and would have enjoyed the experience of playing against top players from other Centres. The Men's division was won by the Paritutu Club of Taranaki. This team was a mixture of experience and youth and shows the keen interest now being shown in the sport by the younger generation.

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