Centre Open Mixed Pairs

44 teams entered in this event last weekend and we had 17 teams qualify for post section play at One Tree Point on Sunday.
Four rounds were completed in brilliant weather and the final will be played at a later date.
Section play was a 'whos who' of Northland Bowls with some outstanding play and very close matches the order of the day.
Post section play:
In round 1 Malcolm & Lynn Scott (Maungaturoto) beat Mike Lee & Maxine Nicklin (Onerahi) 18-4.


Round 2: Alistair Trimmer & Madeline Yovich (Kamo) beat Anne Bateman & Mike Butler (Whangarei) 20-6; Ian Bowick & Ann Muir (Composite) bt Gordon Bond & Christine Budge (Last years winners) 12-9; Trevor Reader & Carol Neeley (Composite) bt Maree Attwood & Tim Apaapa (Kensington) 17-16 (Attwood needed 4 on the last end to force another end and lost the fourth shot on a measure).
Dennis Brewster & Diane Strawbridge (Composite) bt Gary & Ann Herbert 23-8; David Hood & Leanne Stewart (Composite) bt Carol & Dunee Henwood (Mangawhai) 19-5; Kevin Sidwell & Glenys Sandilands (Maungatapere) bt Joan Erceg & Ray Wright (Kensington) 17-8; Paul & Sue Wightman (Mangawhai) bt Len Richmond & Sally Stirling (Composite) 13-8; Steve Mitchell & Manu Timoti (Hikurangi) bt Malcolm & Lynn Scott (Maungaturoto) 13-4.


Round 3: Trimmer bt Bowick 16-6; Brewster bt Reader 14-13 (Last end Brewster needed 2 shots to draw and force another end or 3 shots to win and played to brilliant bowls to win); Hood bt Sidwell 14-11; Mitchell bt Wightman 17-10.

Round 4: Brewster bt Trimmer 12-9 In a match which saw Trimmer come back from 3-9 down to be one behind on the last played end; Mitchell bt Hood 18-15 after Hood was 9-3 up after seven ends only to drop seven shots on the sixth end and never being able to get back in front from then onwards.

The final will therefore be played later in the season between Steve Mitchell & Manu Timoti (Hikurangi) and

Dennis Brewster (Whangarei) combining with Diane Strawbridge (Kensington.


MEN'S DIVSION: Section play was played at the Leigh green, and everyone 
complimented the Leigh Club on the high standard of the green and their 
Six teams qualified for post section play at the Mangawhai Greens on day 
Round 1: Carlson Barnett (Arapohue), Dennis Brewster (Whangarei) byes; 
Don Cameron (Hikurangi) bt Alistair Trimmer (Kamo) 16-8; Dave 
Frame (Mangawhai) bt Trevor Reader (Whangarei) 16-4. 
Round 2: Brewster bt Barnett 17-6; Cameron bt Frame 17-13. 
Round 3: (Final) Dennis Brewster, Larry Vallance, David Hood, Dennis 
Young (Whangarei) bt Don Cameron, Kelvin Bint, Peter 
Mitchell, Willie Wyatt (Hikurangi) 14-11. 
In this match Brewster scored five shots on the first two ends, 
Cameron then scored on the next three ends. 
Unfortunately for Hikurangi they dropped two threes on the next 
two ends and found themselves 4-11 down after seven 
ends. They then clawed back five shots on the next five ends 
before going down two hots on the thirteenth end. Two 
shots weren't enough on the last two ends and the win went the 
way of Brewster 14-11. This was a third title for  Brewster, second for Hood and first for Vallance and Young. 

WOMEN'S DIVISION: Section play was at the Mangawhai greens on day one, 
with fast greens and difficult windy conditions. Once again the 
hospitality of the Mangawhai Club for two days was very much appreciated 
and the presentation of the greens was excellent. 

Six teams also qualified in the Women's division played at Mangawhai. 
Round 1: Sue Wightman (Mangawhai) and Karen Scott (Kensington) byes; 
Kris Wintle (Mangawhai) bt Leaane Stewart (Hikurangi) 13-10; 
Caroline Downs (Kensington) bt Jenny Hardie (One Tree Pt) 
Round 2: Scott bt Wightman 10-8; Downs bt Wintle 13-9. 
Round 3: (Final) Karen Scott, Ann Muir, Jude Ganley and Christine Budge 
(Kensington) bt Caroline Downs, Sally Stirling, Lyn 
O'Neil, Joan Erceg (Kensington) 32-6. 
In this match Downs had no answer for the accuracy of the Scott 
combination only scoring on three of the thirteen ends 
played. After a close match in the semis against Wightman, 
where they were fortunate to gain the win from a Wightman 
trail of the jack when her team was holding a couple of shots, 
they came up against a Down combination who struggled to 
find their line and length and the Scott combination ran out 
easy winners. 
This win gave Jude Ganley her Gold Star for five centre titles, 
Scott and Budge their seventh title and Muir her thirty 
first centre title. 




Last weekend saw the Centre complete the Open Triples for Men and the Open Singles for Women at the Onerahi greens.  The weather was kind all weekend and made for some very exciting matches throughout the day. Only six teams qualified for post section in the Men’s Triples out of a field of twenty four teams, so play in the early rounds was cut throat and the three wins to qualify were very hard to get.


Results of Post section play were: 

 Round 1: Trevor Reader; Dennis Brewster byes; John Dunn bt Les Scott 19-4; Gordon Bond bt Paul Wightman 15-2.

Round 2: Brewster bt Reader 16-13; Dunn bt Bond 10-9.

Round 3: (Final)  Dennis Brewster, Larry Vallance, David Hood (Whangarei) bt John Dunn, Ron Bowmar, Roger Kerr-Davis (Onerahi) 22-19.

Brewster’s team were 11-0 down after three ends, eight shots scored on the next three ends got them back in touch and a three on the eleventh end tied the scores at 13 all. A four shots on the 14th, 3 on the 21st end  meant that Dunn had to score three on the last end to force an extra end. It wasn’t to be however, and Brewster scored one shot to win the match by three. This was a 4th  Centre title for Brewster, and second for both Vallance and Hood.


The Women’s Singles were played at the same time and from a field of twenty four entries, ten players qualified for post section. 


Results of post section play were:

Round 1: L.Stewart, D,Owens, K.Cooper, J.Erceg, S.Wightman, P.Murray (Byes) Maree Attwood bt Skye Renes 21-15’ Ann Muir bt Janice Little 21-15.

Round 2: Owens bt Stewart 18-14; Erceg bt Cooper 21-13; Wightman bt Murray 21-8, Attwood bt Muir 21-14.

Round 3: Erceg bt Owens 21-9; Wightman bt Attwood 21-8.

Final: Sue Wightman (Mangawhai) bt Joan Erceg (Kensington) 21-15.

The final saw the experienced Wightman lead 9-2 after eight ends, by the twentieth end Erceg had faught her way back into the match at 18-15 in the race to twenty one shots.  A two on the 21st end and one shot on the 22nd end saw Wightman run out the winner. This was a 16th Centre title for Wightman.


It was pleasing to see that three junior (1-5 year bowlers) qualified for the Open singles. We have some excellent players coming through for the future at this level of bowler. Keep up the good work.



The next round of Bowls3Five will be played this Wednesday 11th December 
at the following venues: 
Kensington Devils v Kensington Dare Devils at Kensington 
Hikurangi v Whangarei Power @ Whangarei 
Mangawhai v Ngunguru at Mangawhai 
Kensington v Kamo at Kensington. 

Draw to be completed at 6pm and play starts 6.30pm. 
Last weeks results: 
Whangarei Power bt Kensington Devils 2-1 
Kensington Dare Devils bt Hikurangi 2-1 
Mangawhai bt Kensington on tie breaker 
Kamo bt Ngunguru on tie breaker. 

Good luck this week everyone. 
Please ensure results cards are forwarded to Gwen asap. 


Centre Open Men's Singles & Centre Open Women's Triples results

The weather had a part to play in the completion of the Centre Men's 
Open singles when the last round of qualifying had to be abandoned due 
to thunderstorms and the closure of the greens at Mangawhai. As a result 
all two and three winners qualified for post section play. 
Results were: 
Round 1: Alistair Colliar, (Mangawhai), Dennis Brewster (Whangarei), 
Carl VanHaaften (Kensington)(byes); Wayne Wrack (Maungaturoto) bt Bruno 
Barnetta(Mangawhai) 21-2; John Dunn (Onerahi) bt Paul Price (Whangarei) 
21-14; Dean McMurchy (Onerahi) bt Steve Smith (Whangarei) 21-8; David 
Hood (Whangarei) bt Alistair Trimmer (Kamo) 21-13; Kevin Robinson 
(Maungaturoto) bt Larry Vallance (Whangarei) 21-18. 
Round 2: Brewster bt Colliar 21-16; Van Haaften bt Wrack 21-15; McMurch 
bt Dunn 21-18; Hood bt Robinson 21-12. 
Round 3: Brewswter bt Van Haaften 21-15; McMurchy bt Hood 20-18. 
Final: McMurchy bt Brewster 21-20. 

The final was a 31 end, 2 & 1/2 hour match. The scores were even until 
the 18th end of the match when McMurchy scored seven shots in three ends 
to get a five shot advantage. The conditions of the green and change of 
wind direction then came into play and Brewster then scored eight shots 
on five of the next eight ends to fight back and they went into the 
final end at 20 all. The last end saw McMurchy place his second bowl 
within a foot of the jack and although Brewster attempted to play a shot 
to pick up the jack or remove the shot bowl he missed on both occasions 
and the match went to McMurchy 21-20. 
This was an eight Centre title for McMurchy. 

The women completed the Centre Open Triples on the same weekend and once 
again play was disrupted by the weather in section play. After the 
thunderstorm passed and the weather cleared the teams went out to play 
the last round with the matches reduced to ten ends. Only four team 
managed the necessary 3 oir 4 wins to qualify and play shifted to the 
Mangawhai greens on Sunday. 
Post section results: 
Semi final: Pam Brewster, Dawn Owens, Linda Spratt (Kensington) bt Skye 
Renes, Dot Hardy, Glenys Sandilands (Kamo) 24-11; Madeline Yovich, Carol 
Neeley, Karina Cooper (Kamo) bt Manu Timoti, Linda Pedro, Betty Mitchell 
(Hikurangi) 24-12. 

Final: Yovich, Neeley, Cooper bt Brewster, Owens, Spratt, 18-3. 

This match saw the Kamo combination go out to a nine nil lead after six 
ends and they never relinquished the lead with the Brewster combination 
only scoring on three ends and conceding the match with four ends to 
play. This combination has won the Centre triples for a third time and 
was a 14th title for Yovich, 8th title for Neeley and 4th for Cooper. 


Inter Club Sevens for Women chart. 
Congratulations to the Hikurangi Women who took out the event from 
Kensington No 1; Mangawhai; Kamo; Kensington No 2. 

Results: Hikurangi 27 win points, + 41 differential; Kensington No 1 21 
win points, 31 differential; Mangawhai 15 win points; +1 differential; 
Kamo 15 win points -40 differential; Kensington 2: 12 win points -33 

Hikurangi team: Leanne Stewart (Singles) Anne Bateman, Diane Lawrence 
(Pairs); Manu Timoti (S), Betty Mitchell (3), Gwen Lawson (2), Frances 
Clark (L). 

The Men are currently playing the final for their event between 
Whangarei Power & Hikurangi. This event is being played at Mangawhai. 
Results will be posted as soon as known.


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