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Draw to be completed at 6pm.  Draw for rink to be completed at 6pm. Trial ends allowed.

Play to start by 6.30pm.

This event is being played as a round robin contest.


Round 1:  27 November : Kensington Devils v Whangarei Power @ Whangarei

    27 November: Hikurangi v Kensington Dare Devils @ Kensington

Round 2: 11 December: Kensington Devils v Kensington Dare Devils @ Kensington

  11 December: Hikurangi v Whangarei Power @ Hikurangi

Round 3: 18 December: Whangarei Power v Kensington Dare Devils @ Kensington

                 18 December:    Kensington  Devils v Hikurangi @ Kensington



Round 1:  27 November : Kensington v Mangawhai @ Kensington

                  27 November :             Ngunguru v Kamo @ Ngunguru

Round 2: 11 December: Mangawhai v Ngunguru @ Mangawhai

  11 December:               Kensington v Kamo @ Kensington

Round 3: 18 December:  Ngunguru v Kensington @ Ngunguru

                  18 December:              Mangawhai v Kamo @ Kamo


The centre line of the rinks(s) will be marked by three (3) fixed nominated lengths at each end of the green by different coloured markings.  Spot One (Long) 2 meters from the front ditch, spot Two (medium) shall be 5 meters from the front ditch, spot Three shall be 8 meters from the front ditch. The Mat shall be permanently placed 23 meters from spot Three (short) which is 31 meters from the front ditch.

The skip from the team playing first in the end shall nominate the length (short, medium or long) to place the jack at the opposite end.

Open:  Each match will feature three (3) teams (the side) from the opposing Club.

1-5 Year: Each match will feature One team (any combination)  from the opposing Club.

A random draw is to be undertaken to determine ‘who plays who’ from each club’s three teams, immediately prior to the start of play under the supervision of both clubs.

A random draw is done to determine the rink each game is played on.

Open - Each team for a game shall consist of three players. Each team must have one player of a different gender. 

Playing positions cannot be changed during the game.

A team member may play for only one club in the competition each season.  If a club has entered two sides , players may only play for one side during the competition.

Format of Game:

  1. The games will be played as sets play format as outlined in Law 56 of the Laws, subject to a number of variations as outlined below:

  2. The format will be 2 bowl triples.

  3. Each game will be played over two (2) sets, with each set consisting of five (5) ends.

  4. The winner of the set will be the team with the highest number of shots when the fifth end is completed.

  5. If the shot scores are equal, the set shall be drawn.

  6. All five ends of the set must be completed.

Tie Breaker:

  1. If a game is tied after the two sets have been completed (each team having won one set or both sets being drawn a one end tie breaker should be played to find a winner. The winner of the tie breaker shall win the game.

First to play:

  1. First set:  The opposing teams shall toss a coin and the winner of the toss can choose whether to place the mat, advises the length of jack (refer above) and then deliver the first bowl or tells the opposing team to place the mat, advise the length of the jack, and then deliver  the first bowl. (The opposing player cannot refuse)

  2. Second set:  the winner of the first set shall place the mat and advise the length of the jack and deliver the first bowl.  If the first set is a draw, the winner of the last scoring end shall play first.

  3. Tie Breaker:  The opposing skips shall toss a coin and the winner of the toss shall choose whether to play first .

  4. In all ends after the first end of each set, the winner of the previous end shall place the mat, advise the length of the jack and deliver the first bowl.

Re-spotting the jack: 

  1. If a jack in motion passes completely outside the boundaries of the rink, (left, right or over the face of the bank) come to rest in any hollow in the face of the bank, or rebounds to a distance of less than 18 meters from the mat line, the end shall not be declared dead, and the jack shall instead  be placed with the nearest point of the jack to the mat-line at 2 meters , at a spot on the rink which is 2 meters from the front ditch and on the centre line.

  2. If the spot is partly, or completely covered  by a bowl, the jack should be placed as close as possible to the covered spot, in line with and between that spot and the corresponding spot at the opposite end of the rink, without touching a bowl.


  1. Three (3) game points will be awarded for each game won. No game points shall be awarded for a games lost

  2. One (1) set point will be awarded for each set won. A half point (0.5) will be awarded for a set drawn. No set points  for a set lost (the tie breaker is not a set).

  3. If game points and set points are equal. The team with the highest net total shots (total shots scored -  shots scored against)., over all games in the section  (including tie=breakers won) shall be ranked higher.

  4. If game points, net set points, and total net shots are equal, the toss of the coin shall determine the highest ranked team.

Forfeit: If a team is unable to complete any game already commenced during the competition , then their opponents shall win on forfeit. Points shall be awarded to the winning team as above.

Game variations:

  1. Shot clock:  There shall be no shot clock.

  2. Power Play:  Enables a team to earn double the shots scored (by that team) in any end nominated to the opposing team.

Teams will be allowed one Power Play end per game (not per set) as nominated to the opposing team.

Both teams can nominate a Power Play in the same end of a set.  If a team does not  nominate to use its power play in a game, that Power play is lost.

There are no power plays available for a tie break.


 Placing the mat and Jack:

  1. The mat shall be permanently  placed 23 meters from spot Three (short) which is 31 meters from the front ditch.

Substitutions:  There shall be no player substitution  once a game has commenced.

Movement of Players during play:  Players will be able to follow their bowls up to the head under the following circumstances:

  1. Lead – after delivery of their second bowl

  2. Two – after delivery of their second bowl

  3. Skip – after delivery of their first bowl

  4. Prior to the start of play the skip may take  a position at the mat – end of the green.

Trial ends: there will be trial ends before the commencement of any game.

Measuring:  The players in all games will act as measurer for deciding the number of shots. If an umpire is appointed to the game, then the umpire will be called by the players if agreement cannot be reached as to the number of shots awarded.

Jury of appeal: In the event of an appeal during the course of the event, such appeals shall be made in accordance with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls and shall be directed to Bowls New Zealand.

Uniforms: It is compulsory for players to wear matching club uniform.

 General: All Bowls NZ policies will apply to the event.

The winner of this event will play a match against the winner of Far North Centre competition  by 17th March, 2019, with the winner of that match playing North Harbour winner of the event by 31st March, 2019.

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