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Bowls Northland Bowls3Five Tournament
Commencing 23 November 2022

Below are the draw, venues and conditions of play for this season's Bowls3Five tournament. The winners of this event will get an "all expenses paid" trip to Wellington in May 2023, covering travel and accommodation.

Please note the change of venue for Round 3 - it will now be played at Whangarei Bowling Club.


Thank you for your entries. Please note that there have been slight changes made to jack and mat placement for this season.  Trial ends will be allowed starting at 6pm, and play starts 6.15pm.

Good luck.

Gwen Lawson, Operations Manager

2022-23 draw revised.png

Semi-final:           February 1, 2023 @ Kensington (top two qualifiers from each section)

Final:                    February 8, 2023 @ Kamo



  • Each team shall comprise of three players.

  • Each club team must contain a minimum of one female player and one male player.

  • Playing positions cannot be changed amongst the 3 players during the match.

  • Qualification of players:

  • A team member may only play for one club AND one team in the competition.

  • For the avoidance of doubt if a club has entered more than one team in the centre rounds, then those players may not swap between teams at any time

  • For the avoidance of doubt a club may add a new member to a team (provided they are a full playing member and have not played for another team or club in that season) at any stage of the competition.

  • There are no minimum games played to qualify for a club team.



  • The games will be played under match play, over two sets of five ends.

  • The winner of a set will be the team with the highest number of shots after five ends have been played.

  • If shots are tied after five ends, the set will be a draw. All five ends of each set must be played.

  • Tie breaker: If a game is tied after two sets have been completed (each team having won one set or both sets having been drawn), a one end tie breaker should be played to decide the winner.

  • First to play:

  • First set: the opposing teams toss and the winner can choose to place the mat, advise the length of the jack and then deliver the first bowl, OR tells the opposition to place the mat etc. The opposing team cannot refuse.

  • Second set: the winner of the first set plays first. If the set is drawn, the winner of the last end played plays first.

  • Tie breaker:   The opposing skips should toss a coin and the winner of the toss has the option to play first or ask the opposition to play first

  • Respotting the jack: if a jack passes completely outside the boundaries of the rink of play (left, right or over the bank) or it rebounds to a distance of less than 20 meters from the front ditch it shall not be dead. It shall be placed as close as possible to the spot which is 2 meters from the front ditch and on the centre line.

  • Power play: A power play enables a team to earn double points for shots scored by that team in any nominated end. The teams will be allowed one power play end per game (not per set). As nominated by the team to the opposition. Both teams can nominate their power play in the same end of a set. If you do not nominate a power play end in a match, then that power play is lost. There is no power play in a tie breaker end.

  • Placing the mat: The centre line of the rink will be marked by three (3) fixed nominated lengths at each end of the green.

  • Trial ends: there shall be one trial end in both directions prior to the start of play for the day.

  • Movement of players: players may follow their bowl up to the head

    • Lead: after their 2nd bowl

    • Second: after delivery of their second bowl

    • Skips: after delivery of each bowl

  • Uniforms:  Matching club uniforms are required for this event.

  • The draw and venues will be as attached program

  • There will be no green fees paid to clubs for this event



Centre Open Championship Singles
(rained off: a new date for post-section play will be advised in due course)
Screenshot 2022-11-15 142657.png
Screenshot 2022-11-15 142512.png

A new date will be found for post-section play, and players will be notified in due course.

Gwen Lawson

Events Manager


  • Play commences at 8.45am. Latest reporting time is 8.15am

  • 4 Bowls each

  • 21 SHOTS  or TWO HOURS  to bell.  Final no time limit unless conditions change.

  • If scores tied, an extra  end to be completed to find a winner

  • 3 or 4 winners qualify for post section play –Sunday 30 October

  1. One delivery of the jack by each player, then to be placed on 2 meter mark.

  2. An end made dead during play shall be replayed. An end made dead after the bell shall be replayed.

  3. Trial ends: one trial end in each direction on the rink of play is permitted, but must be completed prior to the start of play at 8.45am. Byes – trial ends prior to start of play for the day.

  4. Movement of players:

    • Players may move to the head after their third and fourth bowls.

  5. Cell phones: use is not permitted by players on or alongside the green while games are in progress. Please switch off or turn to silent.

  6. Late appearance: all players must be present and ready to play within 10 minutes of the scheduled start of play or the game will be forfeited.

  7. Smoking: there is no smoking of any description on the green or surrounds at any centre event. Club designated smoking areas shall be used only.

  8. Alcohol at Centre events: the drinking of alcohol by players  at this event is strictly prohibited on the greens or surrounds while play is in progress.

  9. Clothing: players shall be correctly attired, clean and tidy condition with bowling shoes.

  10. Inclement weather: 15 shots shall constitute a game.

  11. Score cards – shall be kept by the marker of the rink where a marker is provided, or by a player on that rink where no marker is available. The score card shall be completed in full, signed by skips, and time game finished recorded. Please hand to Umpire for checking.

  12. The Laws of the Game shall apply to any incident not covered by these altered conditions of play.

  13. Supply of markers:  Each player is required to supply a marker for singles events.

  14. Post section play will be at Kensington 30 October. Please leave phone number with Control.

  15. If you qualify please ensure that you leave a contact phone number with control today. You must also provide a marker for post section and/or mark a game if you fall out of the competition or a fine may be charged.

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