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Centre Open Mixed Pairs
17-18 September 2022

Trial ends prior to play, play starts at 8.45am.


12 ends or 2 hour time limit.  2x4x2 pairs.


AT KAMO: K.McLeod, D.McMurchy, G.Wintle, B.Williams, C.Harrington, J.Thorburn, G.Fraser, C.VanHaaften, P.Wightman, L.Scott, S.Judson, I.Halls, R.File, T.Moyle.


AT KENSINGTON: J.Dawson, M.Guttenbeil, D.Smith, C.Claridge, B.Hopper, Coe VanHaaften, I.Bowick, D.Klomp, D.Thomas, P.Price, D.Cameron, G.McKinnon, T.Apapapa, J.Carruthers, D.Hood, J.Little.


AT ONERAHI: R.Burgin, K. Stewart, S.Smith, D.Hopper, L.Stewart, H.Conaghan, K.Lineham, K/Marshall, D.Strawbridge, G.Lyddiard, D.Frame, M.Hasloam, L.Hill, R.Ballinger.

Many thanks

Gwen Lawson

Events Manager


Play commences at 8.45 am. Latest reporting time is 8.15am.

               4 Bowls each.  2 X 4 X 2 format.

               15 ends or two hours to bell.

               If scores tied, an extra end to be completed to find a winner.

               3 or 4 winners qualify for post section play – Sunday – ONERAHI

  1. One delivery of the jack by each team, then to be placed on 2 meter mark.

  2. An end made dead during play shall be replayed in the same direction. An end made dead after the bell shall be replayed.

  3. Trial ends: one trial end in each direction on the rink of play is permitted, but must be completed prior to the start of play before 8.30 am.

  4. Cell phone: use is not permitted by players on or alongside the green while games are in progress. Please switch off or tune to silent.

  5. Late appearance: all players must be present and ready to play within 10 minutes of the scheduled start of play or the game will be forfeited.

  6. Smoking: there is no smoking of any  description on the green or surrounds at any centre event. Club designated smoking areas shall be used only.

  7. Alcohol at Centre events: The drinking of alcohol by players  at this event is strictly prohibited on the greens or surrounds while play is in progress.

  8. Clothing: Players in teams shall be identically attired. This means all members wearing the same style tops, club tops or whites. Pants, shorts or skirts shall be of the same colour.

  9. Inclement weather: 9 ends (pairs)  shall constitute a game.

  10. Score cards – shall be kept by the skip of the team and shall be completed in full, signed by skips, and time game finished recorded. Please hand to Umpire for checking.

  11. The Laws of the Game shall apply to any incident not covered by these altered conditions of play.

  12. Post section play will be held at ONERAHI on Sunday. 8.45 am start.

  13. If you qualify please ensure that you leave a contact phone number with control today.

  14. Qualifiers names to 027 329 8011 (Gwen)  by 7pm please