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2017-18 Results



Seven teams made up of as singles player pair and triple  took part in this event to find the Club to represent Northland in the Regional competition to be played on Saturday 12th May at Hikurangi Greens for the Mercedes Cup.


Four rounds of competition were played and at the completion of round 1  One Tree Point, Mangawhai Men, Kamo, & Kensington Blue were all square on six win points each. After round 2 Mangawhai  Men (15 win points) extended their lead over Whangarei/Arapohue combined (13 pts) and Kamo (12 points).

Round 3 saws Kensington Blue stage a comeback  and finished equal  2nd place with Mangawhai Men on 18 points each and Whangarei/Arapohue take the lead with 19 points.   The final round saw Mangawhai Men have three round wins, the triples taking down the Whangarei /Arapohue triple by 3 shots, One Tree Point defeated Kensington Blue by 7 shots threw the final spanner in the works and changed the final result with 

Mangawhai Men 1st – 27 win points, +31 net shot points scored; Whangarei/Arapohue  2nd placing – 25 win points, +51 net shot points scored, One Tree Point 3rd – 22 win points, +13 net shot points.

Other points scored were: Kensington Blue 19 + 28; Mangawhai Women 17  - 5; Kamo 16 +3; Kensington White 15 -57.

Confartulation to all players taking part, many were 1st and 2nd year bowlers competing in the competition for the first time.

Many thanks to Kamo Club for hosting the event, to Umpires who were kept busy on the day, and to all those volunteers who gave up their day to come and mark the singles.

Weather conditions caused a late start to post section play of the Centre Mixed Pairs held on the weekend. Play finally got underway at 10.30am, which meant that only three rounds were able to be played and the final match between Maree Attwood, Bryce Mackie (Composite) and John Dunn . Linda Swanson  (Onerahi) will be played at a later date. 15 teams qualified from a field of 46 entries.

Both semi finals were close affairs with Attwood/Mackie defeating Paul & Sue Wightman (Mangawhai) on an extra end and Dunn/Swanson killing the last end to have a replay of the end and to eventually defeat Margart Gurney & Junior bowler  Richie Naera  (Kensington)12-7.


Qualifying results were:

Round 1:  M& L Scott (Bye); M.Attwood/B.Mackie (Composite) bt K.Fitness/M.Timoti (Hikurangi) 9-6; E.Edling/C.Neely (Kamo) bt  R. Heaton/J.      (Mangawhai) 12-11; S.Wightman/P.Wightman (Mangawhai) bt J.Erceg/R.Wright (Kensington) 13-5; J.Dunn/L.Swanson (Onerahi) bt D.McMurchy/M.Parker (Kensington) 9-6; L.Vallance/S.Rokstad (Composite) bt G.Bond/C.Budge (Kensington) 16-10; I. & A. Halls (Onerahi) bt I.Bowick/A.Muir (Kensington) 15-13; M.Gurney/R.Naera (Kensington) bt D. & M. Brewster (Hikurangi) 13-8.


Round 2: Attwood bt Scott 13-6; Wightman bt Edlin 20-8; Dunn bt Vallance 11-10; Gurney bt Halls 12-9.


Round 3: Attwood bt Wightman 14-13; Dunn bt Gurney 12-7.


The next Centre fixture is the Centre Open Pairs for men and women to be played at the end of October. Entries are now being accepted.

1-8 Regional tournament results


Placings were:  Women:  Northland 15 pts; Auckland 13pts, North Harbour 7 pts

                           Men:   Auckland 18 pts, Northland 9 -30;  North Harbour 9pts -32.


Overall: Auckland 31 pts; Northland 24 pts, North Harbour 16 pts.

1-8 Zone
Open Pairs



Twenty six teams took part in the event and the match committee dream result – eight teams qualified for post section play.

The final match was a contest between two Kensington Club teams and It is congratulations to Maree Attwood & Karen Horscroft who defeated Pam Arbon 

And Linda Brockbank 22-19.  To reach the final the Attwood combination had to come from behind in every match finally successful in the quarter finals 14-11 and the semi final 22-13. It was the same result for the Arbon combination with  an 18-17 and 18-13 win in the quarter and semi finals.

The final was a match of two halves with Arbon/Brockbank getting out to a comfortable 14-7 lead before Attwood scored on seven of the next eight ends

To get their nose in front. Arbon scored on the next to ends to go into the last end two shots in arrears. Attwood managed to hold onto one shot on the last to win the match.

Post section results were:

Round 1: A.Muir (Kensington) bt S.Wright (Kamo) on an extra end 21-20; P.Arbon (Kensington)bt D.Owens (Waipu) 18-17; P.Warth (Kensington) bt S.Rudman (Waipu) 18-16; M.Attwood (Kensington) bt S.Wightman (Mangawhai) 14-11.

Round 2: Arbon bt Muir 18-13; Attwood bt Warth 22-13;

Round 3: Attwood bt Arbon  22-19.



Nine teams qualified in this section from a field of 32 teams. Congratulations to Dusty Reader & Steve Smith (Whangarei) who defeated Ian McMurchy & Graham Gallant (Kensington) in a tight match 16-12.  With the first end of the match being killed by Reader on two occasions it was more than 15 minutes before there was any score on the board.   Consistency from the Whangarei skip was the difference in this match. The ends were evenly distributed between both teams but a four shot advantage on the second end by the Whangarei combination was the difference at the end of the match.

The defending champions,Gordon Bond/Dean McMurchy were undone by the Kensington combination of Gary Herbert and Junior Roy Taylor in the first round of the post section play. 

Post section results were as follows:

Round 1: Herbert bt Bond 13-10

Round 2: L. Thorburn (Kensington) bt S.Nelson (Whangarei on an extra end; I.McMurchy bt K.Sidwell (Maungatapere) 17-16; D.Brewster (Hikurangi) bt A.Trimmer (Kamo) 17-11; D.Reader (Whangarei) bt G.Herbert (Kensington) 16-13.

Round 3: McMurchy bt Thorburn 18-13; Reader bt Brewster 19-6.

Round 4:  Reader bt McMurchy 16-12.



Due to the small number of entries this event was conducted as a one day tournament. It was success to Judy MacKenzie & Lynnette Springett (One Tree Point) and to Paul Price & Paul Shotter (Whangarei) the winners of this event.

Both finals were exciting affairs. 

In the women’s final between One Tree Point and Kamo represented by Carol Neeley and Glenys Sandilands, when the bell went both teams were on 12 points and an extra end was required to find the winner. No more than 2 points were scored on any end and the lead changed regularly. OTP were in front 6-2 after 5 ends, Kamo in the lead 10-7 after 11 ends. MacKenzie then scored on the next 4 ends to take the lead on the 14th end.  2 points to Neeley on the 16th end made the scores equal and MacKenzie then scored a two on the extra end to win the match and both players received their first centre title towards a gold star.

In the Men’s division once again it was a close match with great drawing bowls played by both teams. This match went into the final end with the scores locked at 16 all. Drawing the shot with his last bowl resulted in the win to Paul Price and Paul Shotter (Whangarei) over the Mangawhai combination of Glen Wintle and Keith Stewart. This match had the Wintle combination out to a 13-7 lead on the 10th end when they scored a healthy 4 shots. Price then returned the favour by scoring 4 on the next end to get back within 2 shots. Price then scored on the next 3 ends to be equal 15-15 on the 15th end, 1 shot a piece on the next 2 ends saw them go into the final end all tied up at 16 a piece, with the Whangarei combination taking the match with 1 shot on the last. Both winning players received their first title towards a centre gold star.


Both finals were exciting to watch and the high standard of bowls throughout the tournament from all entrants was great to see.

Final placings were:

Women -   MacKenzie & Springett (One Tree Point) bt Neeley & Sandilands (Kamo)  14-12;  Rawi Brewster & Janice Little (Mangawhai) bt Sandi Ayerst & Yvonne Pitman (Composite) 15-8; Susan Egerton & Karina Cooper (Kamo) bt Anna Greenwood & Tina Harris (Mangawhai) 17-11.


Men -    Price & Shotter (Whangarei) bt Wintle & Stewart (Mangawhai) 17-16; Richard Naera & Ed O’Donnell (Composite) bt Dave Williams & Mike Lee (Onerahi) 32-13; Les Scott & Dave Smith (Onerahi) bt Jeff O’Neil & Roy Taylor (Kensington) 19-16.

Centre Junior Pairs
Winners P Price, P Shotter Whangarei
Winners L Springett, J McKenzie One Tree Point
Winners L Springett & J McKenzie One Tree Point
Winners P Price & P Shotter Whangarei

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The Men’s Centre Open Singles were completed at the Mangawhai greens last weekend. Of the 26 starters in the event there were 8 qualifiers.

Congratulations to Trevor Reader (Whangarei) who defeated Dennis Brewster (Hikurangi) in the final, the score 21-15.  Reader got off to a great start and was 16-5 up on the 15th end in the race to 21 points. Brewster then four on the 16th, one on the 19th and three on the 20th to be only three shots behind. Reader then scored one shot on each of the next three ends to win the event. 

Post section play results were:  K.Robinson (Maungaturoto) bt G.Lyddiare (Kensington) 21-14; D.Brewster (Hikurani)  bt D. McMurchy (Kensington)21-19; T.Reader (Whangarei) bt J. Dunn (Onerahi) 21-14; A. Trimmer (Kamo) bt Wayne Wrack (Maungaturoto) 21-6.

Round two: Brewster bt Robinson 21-13; Reader bt Trimmer 21-11.  Final: Reader bt Brewster 21-15.



Eighteen teams took part in qualifying for this event and it wasn’t easy to qualify as teams were of an even standard and it took four rounds of section play before any qualifiers were found.

Six teams eventually qualified and it is congratulations to the team of Caroline Downs, Joan Erceg & Margaret Gurney (Kensington) who took out the event with an outstanding display of draw bowls in every round. In the final they defeated Lauren Mills, Diane Strawbridge, Eva Chrol (Kensington) soundly by 28-9. Mills had a comfortable win in the semi final over Pan Brewster’s team (Kensington) but could not find their way in the final. Likewise Downs had a comfortable semi final win over the Anne Bateman (Hikurangi) combination 18-6.

Results of post section play were:  Round 1: Byes L. Mills, P. Brewster, A. Bateman (Hikurangi) bt S.Stirling (Kensington) 18-5; C. Downs (Kensington) bt P. Warth (Kensington) 26-7. Round 2: Mills bt Brewster 17-11; Downs bt Bateman 18-6. Final Downs bt Mills 28-9.

MensopenSingles Womensopen3s
Interclub 2017

Our Inter club competition was concluded on Sunday and after some very stiff competition. The following are the results.

Division 1  -  MEN  -  KENSINGTON . Singles: D.McMurchy; Pair: J.Thorburn (S), G.Gallant (L); Fours: G. Bond (S), I.McMurchy (3), B.Harris (2), G.Lyddiard (l). Manager: G.Gallant

Division 1  -  WOMEN - MANGAWHAI : Singles: S.Wightman; Pairs: C. Griffiths (S), C. Stebben (L); Fours: K.Wintle (S), L.Wintle (3), N.Franks, J. Hollingsworth.



Division 2: - MEN  -  KENSINGTON BEARS : Singles : G.Bush; Pairs: C.Edmiston (S), C. Van Haaften (L); Fours: L.Reader (S), M.Haslam,(3) S.Seddon,(2) G.Wright (L)

Runner Up: MANGAWHAI No 3

Division 2  -  WOMEN  -  KAMO : Singles: C.Neeley, Pairs: M. Yovich (S), S.Wright (L); Fours: D.Catton (S), D.Hardy (3), L.Wyness,(2), K.Cooper (L)

Runner up: ONERAHI.

The winners will represent Northland and their Club in the Regional finals to be played in Auckland on the 16th December.

16-17 Dec Interclub

Results of regional inter club sevens tournament held at Auckland Centre 16th 17th December:

Division 1: WOMEN: 1st Mangawhai Women  -  Northland - 16 win points -12 pts differential. 2nd: Browns Bat  -  North Harbour  -  13 win points, +38 pts differential. Congratulations to Mangawhai Women who will represent Region 1 and play in the New Zealand final to be played in March 2018 in Wellington. Their results were Singles  -  2 wins, Pairs 1 win, Fours 2 ½ wins.

Division 1: MEN : 1ST Mangere Mako's  -  Auckland - 10 win points + 53 shots differential 2nd: Kensington Aces  -  Northland  -  9 win points, -6 shots differential. Well done to Kensington Men finishing 2nd in their division. Their results were  -  Singles 2 wins, Pairs 1 win, Fours 1 ½ wins.

Division 2" WOMEN: 1ST Carlton-Cornwall  -  Auckland  -  18 win points, + 57shots differential 2nd: Kamo  -  Northland - 18 win points, + 46 shots differential. Well done to Kamo who were equal on points but lost the event on shot differential. Their results were  -  Singles  -  2 wins, Pairs 2 wins, Fours  -  2 wins.

Division 2: MEN - 1ST Royal Oak  -  Auckland  -  10 win points, + 9 shots differential 2nd: Kensington  -  Northland  -  9 win points, -17 shot differential. Well done to Kensington Bears. Their results were singles one win, pairs one win, fours one win.

Centre 4s men singles women



Sixteen teams entered the event and the qualifying games were very close with only five teams eventually qualifying for post section play.

In round one Sam Nelson (Whangarei) met Errol Edlin (Kamo) in a very close encounter with a handy five scored on the 6th end putting the Kamo team in the lead for the first time. Nelson then claimed four on the 8th end to get back into contention. Both teams exchanged shots and Edlin went into the last end with a one shot lead and holding shot when the bell rang for time. Nelson missed with his first drive but cleaned out the shot with his second and on the measure got the 2 shots to win the match.  Dusty Reader (Whangarei) met John Dunn (Onerahi) in the second round and once again a great battle ensued. A three on the 6thend and a four on the 11th end were the major factors in the Whangarei team winning this battle by 12-10. Alan Stebben (Mangawhai) then met Sam Nelson (Whangarei) in the other semi final  and once again the lead in the match changed every couple of ends. Some great driving by both skips ensured that the score was kept low in this match and the final result was a 10-8 victory to Mangawhai.

The final was then played between Reader and Stebben. Unfortunately for Mangawhai boys they could not keep up the high standard of the semi final and with Reader drawing well for his team and Stebben trying to keep his team in the play, it was not to be and it was success to Dusty Reader, Steve Smith, Clive Claridge & Gary Fraser over Alan Stebben, Bruno Barnetta, Frank Sweney, & Dundee Henwood by 15 shots to 6.

This was a third Centre title for Dusty Reader for the season who will also represent the Centre in the Regional finals in the Pairs with Steve Smith, Singles, and the Fours.




Twenty two players contested the Women’s singles event played at the same time as the Men’s Fours and seven players were successful in qualifying for post section play.

In round one Sue Wightman (Mangawhai) met Mona Guttenbeil (Mangawhai) and this match was a comfortable win for Wightman. Diane Strawbridge (Kensington) met Jenny Hardie (One Tree Point) and this was another match of a senior player meeting a junior and Strawbridge won this match by a comfortable margin also. The third match was between Ann Muir (Kensington) and Chris Budge (Kensington) Muir started off this match comfortably getting out to a 14-7 lead on the 12th end in the race to 21 shots. Budge then scored seven shots on the next three ends to square the score. From there on it was a one point score on each end for both players and when the bell rang the result was all square. This required another end to find a winner and Muir secured the winning shot to go into the semi finals.  The semis saw Wightman have to play Margaret Gurney (Kensington) who had to sit out a bye round. Gurney struggled to find the weight and line on a changing green and Wightman ran out a comfortable winner. Diane Strawbridge had to then play Ann Muir in the other semi.  This match was another close affair with some outstanding draw bowls being played by both players. Strawbridge jumped out to a nine point lead early on in the match but by the 18thend the match was all square. They traded one’s on the next four ends for Muir to run out the winner by 21-19.

The final match started with Muir jumping out to a 7-2 lead before Wightman scored nine shots on the next four ends to take the lead. Muir then scored seven shots on the next five ends to take the lead before Wightman came to light with ten shots in the last five ends to win the event 21-15. This was a 14th Centre title for Sue Wightman.  

The matches were watched by a good crowd of supporters from all clubs represented and they were all very supportive of great bowls by every team.

Special thanks to those players who volunteered to mark, the Umpires and Control personnel  who were on duty for the weekend.

mixed pairs-womens fours centre

The Centre Mixed Pairs and Women’s Centre Fours were completed this week and all representatives have now been found to compete from 11th to 15th March at Onerahi  in the Regional Club Championships.



In the Mixed Pairs final between John Dunn & Linda Swanson (Onerahi) and Maree Attwood & Bryce Mackie  (Composite) the 16 ends took just on three hours to complete with five ends having to be replayed after they were made dead by the drive by both teams.  This match was a very close affair until the 11th end where the score was 9 all. A four on the 12th end gave the Mackie/Attwood combination an advantage and although the Dunn/Swanson combination clawed back 2 shots on the next two ends it was not enough. The last end was killed on two occasions before a third attempt put the jack in the ditch. The Dunn combination was holding 3 shots until Attwood drew the shot close to the ditch to score on the final end and give them the match by 14-11. This was a first Northland title for Mackie and 14th for Attwood who will now represent Northland in the Regional Mixed Pairs and the Regional  Women’s pairs in a few weeks time.




The Centre Women’s Fours semis  and final were then played  at the completion of the Pairs.  Anne Bateman, Betty Mitchell, Gwen Lawson & Manu Timoti (Hikurangi)  played Maureen Parker, Pam Brewster, Gwenda Smith & Shirley James (Kensington) and Leanne Stewart, Mary Brewster, Sue Rokstad & Diane Lawrence (Hikurangi) met Maree Attwood, Lauren Mills, Pat Warth & Caroline Downs (Kensington) in the semis. The Bateman/Parker match saw Parker start  strongly but thirteen shots scored by the Bateman combination in four of the last six ends saw the result change and Hikurangi win the match by 19 shots to 10.

In the other semi final after 4 ends Stewart shot out to a 8-1 lead, Attwood then came back with 6 shots on the next three ends. After 9 ends it was 11-7 to Stewart, On the 10th end they dropped six shots to put the Attwood combination into the lead, however, the next end saw Stewart score a five to reverse the lead and have a three shot advantage. Although the Attwood combo score two on the next end, Stewart scored a one on the last end to come out the winners 17-15.

The final was therefore between the two Hikurangi combinations. This match was a game of two halves. After eight  ends the score was 10-2 to Stewart.  The Bateman combination  then scored 14 shots on the next 7  ends to complete the match with a 16-10 win. This was a 27th  title for Bateman, 17 for Mitchell, 14 for Lawson and 19 titles for Timoti.  

centre 1-5 singles


21 Men and 15 women took part in the Centre Junior Singles held on the weekend and 10 men and 6 women qualified for post section play at Waipu on Sunday.

It is congratulations to Paul Shotter (Hikurangi) and Paul Price (Whangarei) who reached the final for the men and to Carol Neeley (Kamo) and Sue Rokstad (Hikurangi) who reached the final of the women’s division.  Both finals were excellent games to watch and the ability of these players was amazing. A good crowd of spectators were very appreciative of the excellent bowls played.

In the men’s final the match was closely fought with the score being within 2 shots all the way until the last four ends. Price was in the lead by one after 8 ends, Shotter  lead 15-14 after 17  ends , and found form on the last three ends to score 6 shots in the last three ends and win the match 21-15. These two players had teamed up together to win the junior pairs earlier in the season. This was a second junior title for Paul Shotter and he therefore earns his first point to a gold star.

In the women’s final Neeley moved out to a 8-3 lead after 6 ends and 11-6 after 10 ends. Rokstad then scored 4 shots on the next two ends to be only one shot behind on the board. A three scored on the 20th end by Neeley put her out to a 19-15 advantage. The next end was killed by both players before Rokstad got one shot back. Neeley placed two shots right on the jack in the next end and Rokstad was unable to move them and the game was won by Neeley 21-16.

The score was no reflection on the great bowls played by both players. On many occasions you could place a handkerchief over the bowls nestled on the jack.

This was a second junior singles title for Carol Neeley and resulted in her winning a further point to her gold star.

Results of post section play were as follows:

Men: Round 1: Gordon Wright (Kensington); Dave Smith (Onerahi); Paul Shotter (Hikurangi); John Cooper (Kamo); Richard Naera (Kensington); Bill Roberts (Whangarei) byes; Paul Price(Whangarei) bt Keith Stewart (Mangawhai) 21-13; Ken Rozell (Mt Manaia) bt Glen Wintle (Mangawhai) 21-10.

Round 2: Smith bt Wright 21-7; Shotter bt Cooper 21-12; Roberts bt Naera 20-19; Price bt Rozell 21-19.

Round 3: Shotter bt Smith 20-14; Price bt Roberts 21-12.

Final: Paul Shotter bt Paul Price 21-16.


Women: Round 1: Carol Neeley (Kamo) Karina Cooper (Kamo) byes; Lyn Springett (One Tree Pt) bt Glenys Sandilands (Kamo) 21-17; Sue Rokstad (Hikurangi) bt Sue Egerton (Kamo) 19-8.

Round 2:  Neeley bt Cooper 21-13; Rokstad bt Springett 19-18.

Round 3: Carol Neeley (Kamo) bt Sue Rokstad (Hikurangi) 21-16.

1st year singles

The following are the results of the CENTRE OPEN MIXED 1ST YEAR SINGLES TOURNAMENT:


1st: Robbie Hayman (Whangarei)  12 win points, + 32 differential

2nd: John Hooson (Kensington) 12 win points, + 25 differential

3rd: Geoff Wood (Mangawhai) 9 win points, + 35 differential

4th Andrew Gundy (Leigh) 9 win points, + 23 differential

5th Scott Wilson (Leigh)  9 win points + 22 differential

6th Elaine Hamber (Mangawhai)  9 win points + 21 differential

7th Christine Lineham (Mangawhai) 9 win points + 9 differential.


There were excellent bowls played by these first year players, some are showing great potential for the game.

A good number of spectators were entertained by excellent heads and some players being very unlucky not  to win matches.

Thanks to Whangarei for use of their facilities, umpire, and markers who made themselves readily available on the day.



What an exciting finish to the NZ Inter Centre competition held in Christchurch last weekend. Both the Men’s and the Women’s teams qualified for post section play, the women in second place in their section and the men winning their section.

The Men (Dennis Brewster, Gordon Bond, Dean McMurchy, Don Cameron, Paul Wightman, Sam Nelson & Dusty Reader) met the strong Dunedin combination in the quarter finals but unfortunately for them conceded the match and were out of the competition. Dunedin went on to play Wellington in the Men’s final and it was the expertise of the  17year old playing the singles for Wellington that won the day for his team and Wellington are the 2018 Men’s winner of the Inter Centre competition. 


For the Women it was a different story, they played Waikato in the quarter finals and won 2 games to 1. They then played Bay of Plenty (the defending champions) in the semi final and won this match 2-1. This put the team of Diane Strawbridge, Maree Attwood, Karen Horscroft, Dawn Owens, Lauren Mills, Sue Wightman & Leanne Stewart); through to the final against the very strong Canterbury team.  Diane Strawbridge won the singles against Sandra Keith (a former NZ singles Champion) to give Northland a great start. The pairs saw a great match with the scores all square with two ends to go. Maree killed the end when they were down, it was then killed by the opposition and replayed again. Unfortunately a four dropped on the 17th end of 18 was too much for the Northland girls to recover and the match went to Canterbury. This made the match result 1-1 and it was down to the fours to decide the winning team. 

The 14th end saw draw shots exchanged by both skips and the game went into the 15th and last end all square. The 15 th end saw Northland hold the winning shot on two occasions. Both times the end was killedby Mandy Boyd the Canterbury & NZ skip. On the third replay of the end,  Angela Boyd, sister of Mandy, drew the shot  and although every attempt was made to remove and/or replace the shot , it was not to be and the game was over with Canterbury being the NZ Inter Centre Champions for 2018.


Both teams performed very well against the top field of bowlers in New Zealand and can stand proud.

NZ Intercentre
Interclub final mangawhai

CONGRATULATIONS TO MANGAWHAI WOMEN  who took out the NZ Interclub final for first division last weekend in Wellington.

Well done to Sue Wightman (Singles) Colleen Griffiths, Carol Stebben (pair) and Kris Wintle, Lyn Wintle, Nicolette Franks & Jan Hollingsworth (Four).

After lying in fifth position on Saturday night they came through to not lose a match on the second day and win the event by one point.

Sue, speaking on behalf of the team said ‘we just can’t believe it’. The team got to the final by winning 1st division at Centre and then following this up with a win in the Regional event held in Auckland.

It couldn’t have happened to a better bunch of well performed bowlers. On behalf of everyone associated with bowls in Northland a big “CONGRATULATIONS”. 

champ triples-singles

‘Double victory to junior Neeley in Champion of Champion events’


CENTRE CHAMPION OF CHAMPION EVENTS were the order of the day last weekend with the Triples for men and women played on Saturday at Onerahi and Kamo  and the Singles on Sunday at Mangawhai.

It is congratulations to Kamo women who won the Triples and so earned a GOLD STAR for CAROL NEELEY for her fifth centre title. This is a marvellous achievement as she is still a junior bowler, this being her fifth competitive season. Carol then went out on Sunday and completed the double by winning the

Champion of Champion singles where she defeated Leanne Stewart of Hikurangi in the final.


The women’s triples event was won by  Madeline Yovich, Carol Neeley & Karina Cooper (Kamo) when they defeated Maree Attwood, Karen Horscroft, Amy Little (Kensington) in the final 17-10.  This was a 12th title for Yovich, 5th title for Neeley and a first for junior bowler, just in her second year, Cooper.

In the Men’s event the winners were the combination of Dusty Reader, Steve Smith & Garry Fraser (Whangarei) who defeated the strong Maungaturoto combination of Kevin Robinson, Wayne Wrack & Brian Hagger in the final by 20-9. This title gives Fraser his gold star and Reader 14 and Smith 9 titles to their credit.


On Sunday at Mangawhai, the singles competition in the men was a repeat of last year’s event when Wayne Wrack (Maungaturoto) and Dennis Brewster (Hikurangi) took to the field for the final. This event went to Wrack the score being 21-14 . This was a 25th Northland title for Wrack and so earned him  a bar to his gold star.

In the women’s event, the final was between Neeley (who earlier in the day defeated Northland Representative Wightman) and Stewart (Hikurangi). 

Neeley continued on her winning way and won the event by 21-11.


Next week sees the Northland representatives for the NZ Club Championships compete at Browns Bay. Sue Wightman (Mangawhai) will play the singles, Trevor Reader & Steve Smith (Whangarei) the pairs, Anne Bateman, Betty Mtchell, Gwen Lawson & Manu Timoti (Hikurangi) the Fours. These teams won the Regional event a few weeks ago and represent Zone 1 in these Championships.

18 champ pairs-4s

The CHAMPION OF CHAMPION PAIRS for Men and Women were held at the 
Mangawhai greens on Saturday 5th May and the following were the results.

Men: 1st: Arapohue (Carlson Barnett & Patrick Lewis) who defeated 
Maungatapere (Bob Ashworth & Murray Dalbeth) in the final. The 
sMaungatapere men conceded on the 15th end when the score was 22-8. A 
possible six on the 3rd end gave Arapohue a great start and they never 
looked back scoring on nine ends of the 15 ends played. In the semi 
finals Arapohue defeated Whangarei 19-8 and Maungatapere defeated 
Hikurangi 20-16. 

Women: 1st Hikurangi (Betty Mitchell & Leanne Stewart) defeated Waipu 
(Sharon Rudman & Jill Stewart) 15-14. This match went the full 18 ends 
and ended in almost total darkness. In the semi finals Hikurangi 
defeated Ngunguru 22-4 and Waipu defeated Mangawhai 19-5. 

CHAMPION OF CHAMPION FOURS were completed on Sunday with the Men playing 
at One Tree Point and the Women at Hikurangi greens. 
Men: 1st; Maungaturoto ( Wayne Wrack, (S) Brian Hagger, Kevin Robinson, Tim Holt) defeated Whangarei (Trevor Reader, Steve Smith, Clyde Claridge, 
Garry Fraser) on an extra end. The final score being 16-14. In the semi 
finals Whangarei defeated Hikurangi and Maungaturoto defeated Arapohue. 

Women: This event was played at Hikurangi greens. 1st was Kensington 
(Karen Horscroft, Ann Muir, Chris Budge, Jude Ganley) who defeated 
Hikurangi (Betty Mitchell, Manu Timoti, Gwen Lawson, Leanne Stewart) in 
a low scoring match 11-9. The last bowl of the match played by 
Horscroft managed to get the shot when Hikurangi were holding three 
shots to win the match. This win gave Chris Budge her gold star. In the 
semi finals Kensington defeated Maungatapere 13-8 and Hikurangi defeated 
Onerahi 18-7. 

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