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PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT WILL BE PLAYED AT KENSINGTON (not Kamo) as two greens are required.

Reporting time is 8.15am (men & women). Remember markers please. Coaches are allowed.


Clubs are reminded that entry forms for these events were sent out several weeks ago and entry forms should be returned by Friday 17 March.  Entry forms to email address on entry form and payment of entry fee at $20 per player should be made online to the Bowls Northland bank account with your Club name as a reference (see bank account number on page five of the Centre hand book).

The first events are Champ of Champ pairs 25th March (at Mangawhai) and singles 26th March (at Kensington).

CENTRE 1-5 YEAR INTERCLUB SIXES TOURNAMENT postponed due to weather last month will now be played Sunday 23rd April at Kensington.

All clubs that entered originally have been re-entered. Maungakaramea have also entered so that there will be no byes as per the original draw sent to everyone. Conditions of play will remain the same.

Clubs involved are Onerahi, Kensington, Kamo, Mangawhai (2), Hikurangi, Maungakaramea, Waipu, Ngunguru, One Tree Point.

JUNIOR 1-5 YEAR POST SECTION OF THE SINGLES has been set down for Sunday 14 May at Onerahi (men & women).


Players involved are: 

Women: A.Peachey, L.Simons, D.Barnes, F.Waterhouse, H.Conaghan, A.Connery, J.Kitchen.

Men J.Cole, A.Westlake, K.Marshall. N.Rogers, G.Wilson, G.Jones, G.Hall.-

BOWLS NORTHLAND OPEN SINGLES POST SECTION will be played Saturday 10 June at Kensington. Both these events were postponed due to inclement weather earlier in the season.

Men: D.Smith, B.Barnetta, S.Wallace, A.Trimmer, W.Wrack, D.Rhind, D.Thomas, David Hood, D.MCMurchy, C.VanHaaften, K.Robinson, S.Smith, S.Judson, J.Carruthers, R.Ballinger

Women: J.Little, D.Strawbridge, W,Sarjeant, P.Murray.  (Date of play to be confirmed)

CONGRATULATIONS to those selected in our Representative teams for this season. They have events on 12 March and 18-19 March, as well as the national Intercentre tournament 16-19 March, Interclub finals (Hikurangi men & Kensington women), 5-7 May Bowls3Five final (Kensington) in Wellington.

Many thanks

Gwen Lawson

Northland Operations Committee

ENTRY FOR CENTRE EVENTS is now through BowlsHub Aotearoa.

If you are already registered with BowlsHub, clicking on available events below will take you to the login page, then to the competition.

If you are not yet signed up with BowlsHub, clicking on the entry button for available tournaments will take you to the sign-up page.  Click here for a guide if you need help with signing up. Once you have registered, you can then click through to enter.

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