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Bowls Northland


This event was completed last Saturday and the predicted rain came down 
as the finals of the event for Men and Women got started. A reduced time 
limit and ends was placed on the event to enable the matches to be 
completed. Winners of the events will represent the Centre in the NZ 
Champion of Champion competition to be played at Pukekohe in July. 

Results: Men: Round 1: Kamo bt Dargaville 11-9; Whangarei bt Waipu 13-5; 
Hikurangi bt Manungatapere; Maungaturoto bt Ngunguru; Kensington bt 
Mamaranui; One Tree Pt bt Mangawhai. 
Round 2: Onerahi bt Arapohue; Whangarei bt Kamo; Hikurangi bt 
Maungaturoto; Kensington bt One Tree Pt 12-5. 
Round 3: Onerahi bt Whangarei; Hikurangi bt Kensington 11-4. 
Final: Onerahi bt Hikurangi 15-7. 
Congratulations to Ian Bowick, Dean McMurchy, Bruce Horscroft, John 
Anderson (Oneerahi). Runners up: Steve Mitchell, Peter Mitchell, Josh 
Neha, Tim Cordeaux (Hikurangi). 

Results Women: Round 1: One Tree Pt bt Onerahi 22-2; Kensington bt 
Arapohue 13-10. 
Round2: Mangawhai bt Kamo 12=8; Kensington bt One Tree Pt 15-10. 
Final: Mangawhai bt Kensington 18-11. 

Congratulations to Wendy Sarjeant, Jacky Rutledge, Rawi Brewster, 
Christine Lineham (Mangawhai) and to runner up Kensington, Patricia 
Murray, Dawn Owens, Sue Rokstad, Diane Strawbridge. 

Special thanks to Kamo Club, Umpire (bruce Scott) & Control (Roger 
Kerr-Davis) for their work on the day. 

The Champ of Champ Triples were completed on Sunday. Once again the 
weather had the last say with drizzle for most of the day. Conditions 
were cold and wet for the players and only eased when the finals were in 

Results: Men - Round 1: One Tree Pt bt Ngunguru; Maungaturoto bt 
Arapohue 16-7; Maungatapere bt Waipu 14-7; Kensington bt Leigh by 
default; Kamo bt Hikurangi 16-8; Dargaville bt Whangarei 14-12; Onerahi 
bt Mangawhai 17-9. 
Round 2: Mamaranui bt One Tree Pt 14-9; Maungaturoto bt Maungatapere 
16-8; Kensington bt Kamo 20-10; Dargaville bt Onerahi 16-13. 
Round 3: Maungaturoto bt Mamaranui 16-2; Dargaville bt Kensington 15-9. 
Final Dargaville bt Maungaturoto 14-13. 
Congratulations to Eric Smitton, Chris Clauson, John Smith )Dargaville) 
and to runners up: Kevin Robinson, Wayne Wrack, Tony Lee (Maungaturoto). 

Women - Round 1: Kensingtron bt Waipu 20-7 
Round 2: Hikurangi bt Mangawhai 16-3; Arapohue bt Onerahi 16-15; Kamo bt 
One Tree Pt 20-6; Kensington bt Ngunguru 17-9. 
Round 3: Hikurangi bt Arapohue 22-6; Kensington bt Kamo 17-11. 
Final: Hikurangi bt Kensington 18-9. 

Congratulations to Leanne Stewart, Savanna Lauder (Gold Star); Diane 
Lawrence (Hikurangi) and runners up Maree Attwood, Diane Klomp, Janice Little 

Special thanks to Kensington Club for their hospitality and to Umpire 
(Chris Budge) and Control Jenny Hardie). 

Bowls Northland

The final of the Centre Mixed Pairs was played at the Kensington greens 
last Wednesday between newcomers to the Centre who have joined the 
Kensington Club this season,Garry & Barbara Seddon and the Centre 
stalwarts Ian Bowick (Onerahi) and Ann Muir (Kensington). 
This was a great close match to watch and after six ends the score was 5 
all, both teams scored three shots on the eighth and ninth ends to keep 
the scores close. Two shots on the tenth and a four on the eleventh then 
gave the break in the match to the Seddon combination and gave them a 
six shot lead. The composite combination then had a chase on their hands 
and although they scored one and then two shots on the last it was not 
sufficient to make an extra end and the match belonged to the Seddon 
combination 15-12. 
This was a first Centre title in their first Northland Centre event and 
we will probably see more of these two as the season unfolds. 
Congratulations to all four players on reaching the final. Thanks also 
to the Onerahi, Ngunguru, Hikurangi and Kensington Clubs who hosted this 
event and to Umpires on duty for the weekend. 

2020 centre X Pairs
2020 pennants
Bowls Northland



Section play was completed at leigh and Maungaturoto and Mangawhai for 
this competition with 30 teams competing for the Men's title and 22 
teams for the Women's event. 
Eleven qualified in the Men and Six teams qualified in the Women's 


Men's results saw two finaiists from the small Arapohue Club in the west 
of the centre and in this case the 'younger set' prevailed. 
Jason Webb and Patrick Lewis took out the title with a great display of 
draw bowls by both players. The father and son combination of Carlson & 
Gerald Barnett were runners up after disposing of the strong combination 
of Dennis Brewster & David Hood (Whangarei) 
in the semi final. This was a nail biter affair with an extra end 
having to be played to find a winner. Webb also had tough opponents in 
the semi having to beat the well known combination of Kevin Robinson & 
Wayne Wrack, Maungaturoto. 

Post section results were: 
Round 1:L.Michelle bt P.Price 17-10; T,Reader bt G. Herbert 20-17; 
J.Webb bt T.Webb 18-11. 
Round 2: C.Barnett bt M.Lennan 18-5; D.Brewster bt J.Carruthers 17-11; 
K.Robinson bt L.Michelle 17-15; J.Webb bt T.Reader 15-14. 
Round 3: C.Barnett & G. Barnett bt D.Brewster & D.Hood 16-15 (xtra end); 
J.Webb & P.Lewis bt K.Robinson & W.Wrack 16-9. 
Final: Webb & Lewis bt Barnett & Barnett 19-11. This win was a 3rd 
centre title for Lewis and 1st Open title for Webb. 



In the Women's division it was once again success for Leanne Stewart & 
Diane Lawrence (Hikurangi) when they defeated Ann Muir & Maree Attwood 
(Kensington( in the final. 
Muir had a great match with club mates Patricia Murray & Chris Budge in 
the semi finals which could have gone either way. For Stewart & Lawrence 
it was a close thing for them when they made a huge come back scoring 
eight shots on the last four ends to win by one shot in the first round 
of the day. In the semi final they also had a tough match against Carol 
Neely & Janene Thurgood (Kamo) only the experience of the Hikurangi 
combination gave them the advantage over the Kamo combination who are 
both long out of the junior ranks. 

The final saw the Kensington combination struggle for line and length 
and were 2-10 down after five ends. They could not score on the last 
seven ends and conceded with three ends to play. 
Post section results were: 
Round 1: C.Neeley & J.Thurgood (Kamo) bt S.Rokstad & D>Haslam 
(Kensington) 21-9; L. Stewart (Hikurangi) bt A.Halls & S.Renes (Onerahi) 
Round 2: Stewart bt Neeley 19-14; Muir bt Murray 18-14. 
Final: L. Stewart & D.Lawrence bt A.Muir & M.Attwood 22-7. 
This win was an 8th Centre title for each. 



Thanks to Leigh, Mangawhai, Maungaturoto for the use of their greens and 
facilities. Thanks also to the Umpires and Control personnel who gave up 
their time to administrate over the two days. 

Centre Pairs 2020
Bowls Northland


Last weekend saw thirty men and twenty two women take part in the Centre 
Open singles for 2020. 
Twelve men qualified for post section play as did nine women. 
Other than a heavy downpour about 4pm on Saturday the weather was good 
enough for the section play to be completed and then post section on 
Sunday was held in fine weather. 

It is congratulations to Trevor Reader (men, Whangarei) and Patricia 
Murray (women, Kensington)on winning the events. Both finals were played 
in good spirit, very good games for the numerous spectators to watch, 
and both finals resulted in the same results. 21-18 for Reader over his 
club mate David Hood, and 21-18 for Murray over Karina Cooper, Kamo. 
Men's results were: 
Round 1: J.Dunn (Onerahi) bt G.Wright (Kensington) 19-18; T.Reader 
(Whangarei) bt K.Robinson (Maungaturoto) 21-13; J.Carruthers (One Tree 
PT) bt C.Van Haaften (Kensington) 21-10; C.Claridge (Whangarei) bt 
S.Smith (Whangarei) 21-15. 
Round 2: D.Brewster Whangarei) bt David Frame (Mangawhai) 21-8; David 
Hood (Whangarei) bt G.Lyddiard (Kensington) 21-19; Reader bt Dunn 21-11; 
Carruthers bt Claridge 20-19. 
Round 3: Hood bt Brewster 21-2; Reader bt Carruthers 21-18. 
Final: T.Reader bt D. Hood 21-18. 

Women's results: 
Round 1: Carol Neeley (Kamo) bt Dawn Owens (Kensington) 20-7. 
Round 2: J.Little (Kensington) bt C. Lineham (Manhawhai) 21-16; K.Cooper 
(Kamo) bt W.Sarjeant (Mangawhai) 21-16; P.lMurray (Kensington) bt 
C.Downs (Kensington) 21-19; D.Strawbridge (Kensington) bt C.Neeley 
(Kamo) 21-8. 
Round 3: K.Cooper bt J.Little 21-16; P.Murray bt D.Strawbridge 21-18. 
Final: P.Murray bt K.Cooper 21-16. 

Three junior women and one man qualified for this event, congratulations 
to you all on excellent bowls. 

Thank you very much to the host clubs for this event, Onerahi, One Tree 
Point and Mangawhai (2 days). 
Many thanks also to the many markers who responded to our request for 
help and to Umpires and Controllers over the weekend. 

Gwen Lawson 

CC Champ singles 2020
Bowls Northland

The Centre junior Pairs were completed last weekend with section play at 
One Tree Point and Post Section play at Waipu on Sunday. A disappointing 
entry of only eight teams in each section was received. It was, however, 
pleaseing to see that six first year bowlers and five second year 
bowlers took part and all performed very well and are showing great 
promise for the future. 

At the end of day one there were three qualifiers in the Men's division 
and Four in the Women's division. 

It is congratulations to David Warren (Mt Manaia) and John Wilde 
(Ngunguru) who combined to take out the Men's division from Gordon 
Wright and Keith McFarlane of Kensington. 
Wright had the bye in round one and Warren & McFarlane had a very close 
match against their Club mates Lew Hill and Grant Jones when they scored 
one point on an extra end to take out the match. 
In the final a four on the 6th end allowed Warren take a handy lead 
after the first five ends had been very even. Five shots scored on the 
next three ends shot Wright into the lead only for him to drop a three 
and one shot on the next two ends and after thirteen ends there was only 
one shot difference between the two teams. Warren then scored on the 
next three ends and went into the last end with a four shot advantage. 
They scored a two on the last to win the match by 18-12. Both teams 
concentrated on draw bowls and some excellent bowls and close heads 
throughout the match were the order of the day. All credit to John Wilde 
and David Warren who were first and second in the 1st Year singles last 
Round 1: G.Wright & K.McFarlane (Bye) D.Warren & J.Wilde bt L.Hill & G. 
Jones 14-13. 
Final: David Warren & John Wilde bt Gordon Wright & Keith McFarlane 

In the Women's division four teams qualified. 
In Round one, Skye Renes (Onerahi) & Barbara Hopper (Kensington) bt Sue 
Belin & Fran Waterhouse (Mangawhai) 16-7 and Janice Little (Kensington) 
and Karina Cooper (Kamo) bt Sarah Childs & Sheryl Ball (Waipu) 15-10. 
The final between Renes & Little started off as a close match and after 
six ends the score was one the difference at 4 -3 to Little. The wheels 
fell off the game for the Little/Cooper combination and they dropped 
eleven shots in the next five ends. The Renes/Hopper combination found 
their line and drew consistent excellent draw bowls with them scoring a 
possible six shots on one end. The Little/Cooper combination could not 
find line nor length and after dropping nine shots on the 15th and 16th 
end conceded the match. 
Final Result: S.Renes & B.Hopper bt J.Little & K.Cooper 24-8. 


Centre Junior Pares
Bowls Northland

Congratulations to the Hikurangi Club (Women) and Kensington (Men) who 
became the Champions in the Interclub Sevens event held on the weekend. 

Twelve sides entered the event in the Men's section and Six in the 

Men's event. 

In the final of the Men's division Kensington came out the winners over 
the Arapohue Club in the battle of the section winners. Kensington took 
out the Singles 21-15 and the Pairs 20-17 before the Fours were 
abandoned because Kensington held an unassailable lead. 
The winning combination was George Lyddiard (Singles); Carl Van Haaften 
& Grant Bush (Pairs),Tim Apaapa, John Jamieson, Garry Seddon & John 
Hooson (Fours). 


In the Women's division a full round robin event was played and the 
Hikurangi Combination had an outright win with 37 win points, followed 
by Kensington 1 33 win points, & Kamo 28 win points in third place. 
The winning combination was Leanne Stewart (Singles); Manu Timoti & 
Diane Lawrence (Pairs), Betty Mitchell, Savanna Lauder, Gwen Lawson & 
Frances Clark (Fours). 


The winning combinations will represent Northland in the NZ finals to be 
played in Canterbury in April, 2021.

Interclub 7s 2020
Bowls Northland

Conditions were tricky for the section and post section play of the 
Centre Open Championship triples held Saturday and Sunday.Strong winds 
were the order of both days and with the very exposed Onerahi greens 
being used for this event the jack was sometimes hard to find! 


It was a Match Committee dream when eight teams qualified for the Mens' 
division and four teams for the Women. 


In the Women, Madeline Yovich (S), Carol Neeley & Karina Cooper (Kamo) 
met Jackie Rutledge, Jan Hollingsworth & Rawi Brewster (Mangawhai) in 
one semi final. Success going to the Kamo combination 22-9. In the other 
semi Patricia Murray, Dawn Owens, Diane Strawbridge (Kensington) met 
Leanne Stewart, Betty Mitchell, & Diane Lawrence (Hikurangi). This was a 
very tight match and went to the Hikurangi combination 14-13. 


The final between Hikurangi & Kamo combinations got off to a good start 
for Hikurangi and they were 9-2 up after six ends, then there was a 
'comeback' from the Kamo combination and after twelve ends they had 
closed the gap to only two shots and it was anyones match. Hikurangi 
then had a run of 1,3,4, shots to extend their lead and while Kamo 
scored 3 shots on the 14th & 15th ends, the game was virtually over with 
a 21-13 victory to the Stewart combination. This was a 20th title for 
Mitchell and 9th title each for Lawrence and Stewart. 

In the Mens' division Round 1 saw Carl Van Haaften (Kensington) met and 
beat Kevin Robinson (Maungaturoto) 25-17; Steve Mitchell (Hikurangi) bt 
Frank Srnerich (Whangarei) 22-7; Tom Webb (Arapohue) bt Paul Wightman 
(Mangawhai) 16-12; Dean McMurchy (Onerahi) bt Alistair Trimmer (Kamo) 
Round 2: Van Haaften beat Mitchell 18-17; Webb beat McMurchy 20-12. 


The final saw Carl Van Haaften, Mike Howie & George Lyddiard 
(Kensington) beat Tom Webb, Jason Webb & Patrick Lewis (Arapohue) 19-13. 
after seven ends Webb was in front 6-4, Kensington then scored eleven 
shots in five ends to take the lead and although Arapohue made a short 
comeback winning the next three ends, two shots on each of the last two 
ends gave the Kensington combination the win 19-13. Both teams were 
attempting to give their skips a gold star. The success of Kensingtron 
gave Van Haaften his gold star, Lyddiard his 7th and Howie his second 


Congratulations to all and special thanks to Onerahi, Whangarei & 
Kensington for hosting the event and to the Umpires and Control 
personnel who assisted over the weekend. 

Open Championship triples
Bowls Northland

Twenty eight teams took part in section play for the Centre Fours. 
Competition was tight and as a result five men's teams and two women's 
teams qualified for post section play. 

In the Women's division Hikurangi represented by Leanne Stewart (skip) 
Manu Timoti, Savvana Lauder & Diane Lawrence and Mangawhai represented 
by Kris Wintle(Skip) Lyn Wintle, Wendy Sarjeant & Christine Lineham 
played the final. 
Hikurangi started off well and after four ends were 8-1 up on the board. 
Mangawhai then found line and length and the Hikurangi players lost 
their way and they dropped fiteen shots in four ends, Mangawhai hitting 
the front 16-9 after ten ends in the race to fifteen. Hikurangi regsined 
their composure and after fifteen ends the score was 18-18. This meant 
an extra end had to be played and Hikurangi completed their comeback by 
winning the end and threby the match. This gave the Hikurangi club their 
third winning title in the Centre Championships for the season. 
This was a tenth title for Stewart and Lawrence so earning their bar to 
their gold star. For Timoti it was her 22nd title and for Lauder her 4th 
Centre title. 
Thanks to the Whangarei Club, Control personnel and the Umpires for 
their work over the two days. 

For the Men round one of post section play saw John Dunn's team 
(Onerahi) defeat Kensington skipped by Tim Apaapa on and extra end after 
the scores were tied at 10 all. 
Round two saw Tome Gowie (Mangawhai) defeat Sam Nelson (Hikurangi) 19-7, 
Carlson Barnett (Arapohue) defated John Dunn 15-5. 
The final saw another exciting match when Mangawhai, Tom Gowie (Skip), 
David Frame, Paul Freeman & Alistair Colliar defeat Arapohue, Carlson 
Barnett (Skip) Jason Webb, Tom Webb, Gerald Barnett 15-13. The scores 
were tied on the 14th end and it was a shot to put the jack in the ditch 
that scored the win for Mangawhai. 
This was a 4th Centre title for Freeman, 3rd for Frame, 2nd for Gowie 
and 1st for Colliar. 

Thanks are extended to Ruawai, Arapohue & Whangarei clubs, Controllers 
and Umpires for a well run competition. Special thanks should be 
recorded to the Arapohue club for their hospitality which included 
lunches being made available for players. 

centre 4s 2021
Bowls Northland


Last weekend saw nine teams of six players contest the Centre 1-5 year 
Any Combination Interclub. 
Many games were hotly contested and any one of three teams could have 
come through and won the event. The final round saw the Kensington side 
of Janice Little (Singles); Barbara Hopper & John Hooson (Pairs) and 
Michelle Harrington, Lew Hill and Colin Harrington (Triples) win the 
event by two win points from Onerahi with Kamo Tuis in third place. Many 
teams had several first year bowlers in them and it was a great 
experience for them, particularly the ones who were playing on a grass 
green for the first time. 
Kensington Club will now represent the Centre in the Mercedes Cup Inter 
Centre Regional event to be played on the 8th May. 


Wednesday night saw the semi finals and final played of the NZ 
Bowls3Five qualifying event. After five rounds of section play the sides 
to get through were Hikurangi, Kensington Four, Kensington Two and 
Mangawhai in fourth place. Semi finals saw first qualifier play fourth 
qualifier and second qualifier play third qualifier to finD the 
finalists. In the Hikurangi/Mangawhai contest Hikurangi won the first 
set by scoring two on the final end. In set two both sides callled their 
'power play' on the fourth end, and with Hikurangi scoring four shots 
and doubling their score because of the power play, the match was all 
over 9-2. A straight two set win to Hikurangi. 
In the other match between both Kensington teams, Kensington 4 shot out 
to a 7-1 lead in set one after three ends and a one shOt on the fiFth 
gave them a 8-4 set win. In set two No2 team scored four shots on the 
first end and then it was No 4 team all the way and they reached the 
final with a 9-4 win. 

The final saw Hikurangi go out to a 8-1 lead after three ends and won 
the set soundly 9-2. Set two was a close affair with both teams 
exchanging two shots on each end and after 4 ends the scores were tied.. 
The final end saw both skips 'go through the holes' either side of the 
jack and Hikurangi scored one shot to win the match and the competition. 
Hikurangi team comprised of Peter Mitchell (Lead) Steve Mitchell (Two) 
and Manu Timoti (Skip). Kensington four finalists were Barbara Hopper 
(filling in well for Ann Muir), Paul Price, & Grant Bush. Hikurangi will 
now represent Northland in Round one of post section play against the 
winner from the Far North before 15 April

1-5 year 6s 2021
1-5 yr and 3-5 roundup
Bowls Northland



Twenty eight 1-5 year bowlers took part in the Junior Singles last 
At the completion of day one there were seven men and five women 

It is congratulations to Paul Price (Whangarei) who took out the Men's 
division by defeating Roger File (Kamo) in a closely fought and very 
competitive match. After seventeen ends File was in the lead 14-11 and 
then Price had a good run of scoring on the next three ends to take the 
lead 18-14. The next five ends were shot for shot and Price took out the 
event 21-18. To reach the final Price defeated John Hall (Mangawhai) 
21-18 and John Dawson (Mangawhai) 21-7. File defeated Keith Lineham 
(Mangawhai) 21-3 and David Warren (Mt Manaia) 21-1`6 to reach the final. 
This was a first junior singles title for Price who already holds two 
junior pairs titles and two Champion of Champion Fours titles. 


In the women's division congratulations go to Christine Lineham of 
Mangawhai who defeated Karina Cooper (Kamo), once again in a very tight 
match 21-15. With light rain falling and a change in the speed of the 
green this was another match where the change in conditions had an 
impact on the game. Lineham played well with her four bowls always close 
by particularly on the second to last end where a three shot score gave 
her the break that she needed. 
In round 1: Christine Lineham defeaed Veronica Fleming (Maungatapere) 
21-7, she had a hard fought match with Janice Little (Kensington) in 
round 2 before reaching final. Karina Cooper reached the final by 
defeating Sue Belin (Mangawhai) 21-10. 

Results: Men - Price bt J.Hall 2-15; Roger File bt Keith Lineham 21-3; 
David Warren bt Allan Westl;ake 21-12. 
Round 2: Price bt Dawson 21-7; File bt Warren 21-12. 
Final: Price bt File 21-18 

Results Women: Round 1: K.Cooper, S.Belin, J.Little (Byes; C.Lineham bt 
V.Fleming 21-7; 
Round 2: Cooper bt Belin 21-10; Lineham bt Little 21-13; 
Final: Line bt Cooper 21-15. 

Junior 1s 2021
Bowls Northland


MEN: 1ST: G. BROOKS (LEIGH) 12 win points, +40 net shots; 2nd: N.Third 
(Mangawhai) 12 win points, +38 net shots; 3rd: G.Wilson, (Waipu); 9 win points + 24 
net shots; 4th: L.Tuutafavia (Arapohue) 9 win points; + 21 net shots. 

WOMEN: 1st: A.Peachey (Kamo) 9 win points +30 net shots; 2nd N.Buller 
(Onerahi) 9 win points + 24 net shots, 38 shots against; 3rd: H.Conaghan 
(Kamo) 9 win points; 24 net shots, 42 shots against; 4th: C.McIntyre 
(Mangawhai) 9 win points; +4 net shots; 

22 players took part in this event, and although there were two clear 
cut 12 point players in the Men's competition, there were four players 
on equal points in the women's section. Second and third places were 
only separated by shots scored against. 

An enjoyable day was had by all, some great bowls played in both 
competitions and some very promising players for the future were on 
display. markers, umpires and control personnel, for giving up their day 


The photos are from left to right...

G. Brooks & N. Third

G. Wilson, G. Brooks, N. Third, L. Tuutfavia

1st year 2021 singles
Bowls Northland


Last weekend saw the completion of the first Champion of Champion event 
when the Singles were played for Men and Women. Sixteen Mens Clubs and 
eight woemns clubs entered the event. 


It is congratulations to Lang (Joe) Thorburn of Kensington who defeated 
Jason Webb of Arapohue in the final of the men's event 21-7. Third equal 
were Kevin Robinson (Maungaturoto) and Mike Lee (Mount Manaia). This was 
a 16th Open Centre title for Thorburn. 


For the women it is congratulations to Manu Timoti (Hikurangi) who 
defeated Patricia Murray (Kensington) in an exciting match 21-16. This 
was a 23rd Centre title for Timoti. Well done to Karina Cooper (Kamo) 
and Chris Budge (Ngunguru) who were 3rd equal. 

Both winners are eligible to represent the Centre in the NZ Champion of 
Champion event to be played in Wellington from 2nd to 5th July. 









The Bowls Northland Umpires Association held their annual fund raising 
tournament at the Onerahi greens last week. The weather started off a 
bit damp and then cleared to a fine day. This event was sponsored by 
Morris & Morris and it is thanks to them for their funding for this 
event. Winners on the day were: 
1st: Gary Seddon, Grant Bush, Laurel Jones,(Kensington) 3 wins 20 ends; 
2nd Les Scott, Dave Smith, Sam Prasad (Onerahi)2 1/2 wins, 20 ends, 3rd 
Rex Jury, Jim Taylor, Bruce Clarkson (Maungatapere) 2 1/2 wins, 17 ends. 
Six lucky prizes were also distributed on the day to those teams that 
did not qualify for a prize. 

Winner was Joe Thorburn Kensington and R
Winner was Manu Timoti Hikurangi and run
cc1's and umpires
Bowls Northland


This tournament was completed yesterday at the Hikurangi greens and it 
is congratulations to Whangarei Club (Men) and Kensington Club (Women) 
who won the event and both will represent Northland in the NZ Champion 
of Champion event to be played in Dunedin from 9-11th July. 
This was a 6th Centre title for Danield Hood, 4th for David Haood, 6th 
for Diane Strawbridge and 1st for Sue Rokstad. Well done to you all. 


Results were as follows: 
MEN: Round 1: Oneerahi bt Dargaville 16-15; Whangarei bt Ngunguru 26-6; 
Kensington bt Arapohue 16-12; Leigh bt Kamo 16-13; Hikurangi bt 
Mamaranui 18-13; One Tree pt bt Maungatapere 31-7. 
Round 2: Waipu bt Mangawhai 19-16; Whangarei bt Onerahi 18-11; 
Kensington bt Leigh 16-13; Hikurangi bt One Tree pt 14-11. 
Round 3: Whangarei bt Waipu 21-14; Hikurangi bt Kensington 17-10. 
Final: Whangarei (David & Daniel Hood) bt Hikurangi (Richard Naera, Don 
Cameron) 17-8. 


WOMEN: Round 1: Onerahi bt One Tree Pt. 
Round 2: Waipu bt Hikurangi 19-15; Arapohue bt Ngunguru 21-10; Mangawhai 
bt Kamo 15-11; Kensington bt Onerahi 24-4. 
Round 3: Waipu bt Arapohue 21-8; Kensington bt Mangawhai 22-11. 
Final: Kensington (Sue Rikstad, Diane Strawbridge) bt Waipu (Naera 
Vaney, Jo Walker) 24-2. 

Champ Champ Mens Pairs - Winners Whangar
cc pairs
Winter interclub

It is congratulations to the Mangawhai Club and in particular their 
Mangawhai Blue team who have won the winter inter club competition. 
Second place went to Hikurangi and third placing to Kensington. 

Teams were made up of eight players, 2 pairs teams and a fours team, 
must have had at least one 1-5 year bowler and a minimum of three 
players of opposite gender. Two clubs could combine if they had less 
than twenty members, this was to enable smaller clubs to take part in 
this event. This was a first attempt at this type of competition by the 
Centre, last winters program having been squashed due to covid 19. 

Comments have been favourable and we will look at repeating the 
competition next season. 
The only sticking point was that some clubs organised their AGM for one 
day of the event and therefore did not take part. 
As this event is scheduled in our hand book we will have to ensure that 
all clubs keep these dates free to enable their players to take part. We 
look forward to more entries next year. 

Results were: Mangawhai Blue 30 win points, Hikurangi 28 win points, 
Kensington win 21 points, Kamo 19 win points, Mangawhai green and One 
Tree Point 12 win points. 

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