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Bowls Northland has been in discussion with both Sport Northland and Whangarei District Council regarding Bowls Northland and our vision for the sport in Whangarei and the ultimate development of a new covered facility.

Most sporting organisations have a centralised location where all/most competitive activities and administration is held: Netball, Athletics and Hockey are examples of this. The development of the Tikipunga sports fields as a new home for football is underway now.


The current de-centralised and club orientated structure of bowls is unsustainable. All clubs are having issues with all aspects of maintaining the current structure, let alone developing plans for the future.

Both Sport Northland and the WDC are very receptive to this initial discussion and bowls is very much a part of the WDC sport and recreation long term strategy. The creation of a centralised indoor facility, along with outdoor greens, will cater for serious competitive bowlers as well as the increasing social/casual participants.

Bowls New Zealand is in favour of this strategy and we have support from Mark Cameron who has freed up the resources of Martin Mackenzie to progress this plan., Martin has also followed up with my initial discussions and now it is up to the clubs and members to advise what they want in terms of a facility. The next steps are to consult with all Whangarei and fringe city clubs to discuss their own vision and future plans.


Once we have agreement and an action plan in place progress can be made. What this means for individual clubs is unknown. What is important is to acknowledge that the future is changing and we must adapt to survive and grow.


The following clubs will be receiving a communication and invitation to a meeting to discuss this. Please come prepared with your club’s vision for the future and any other strategic plans:

Hikurangi, Kamo, Kensington, Whangarei, Maungatapere and Maungakaramea


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