Mar 1, 2017

Message from your Boardroom


We wish to advise all bowlers in Northland that a number of opportunities to become involved with centre administration and other activities will become available next season. Now is a good time to consider your involvement and if you have something positive to contribute. A small time commitment is require for all voluntary roles and with more people involved our centre can run more effectively and efficiently. Next season we need to appoint

  • Some new board members. This is essentially a governance role which approves or rejects the recommendations from the various committees. All board members will be on a committee or two. These include, finance, operations, high performance, fundraising, disciplinary, constitutional review, health and safety, and maybe even sponsorship.

  • Outside the board people are needed to fill roles in the various committees as above.

  • We need Coaches. Especially men

  • Selectors

  • Managers. Currently far too many roles are covered by the same people.

  • We would like to have formal liaison people for improved communications with The umpires association, The greenkeepers association, and maybe even club secretaries. If you would like to request a position description of any of the roles make contact with Jacqui at the centre office. I am happy to discuss these opportunities personally so feel free to contact me. Dusty

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